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Show LAS Your Old School: Dominator Photo Shoot

Episode VI: Return of the Old School. The Old School photo series has returned to it’s home planet of LaxAllStars in an attempt to showcase the laxxiest pictures of old lacrosse gear on the web.

Show LAS Your Old School: Jolly Olde English Lax

Old School Lacrosse

Ryan Craven brings the heat in his latest Show LAS Your Old School! It’s video time and it comes from across the pond. But don’t you DARE call these men foppish. Them’s fighting words!

Show LAS Your Old School: Couch Potato

Old School Lacrosse

You say Potatoe, I say potato. Let’s call the whole thing off and look at a classic old school stick. Plus a call for some themed pet photos for next week’s post!

Show LAS Your Old School: Trip Down Memory Lane

Old School Lacrosse

This may be the single most impressive STX stick collection of all time. Australian lax legend, Matt Schomburg, shows off his crazy collection of heads and sticks. And… it’s making us thirsty for lax gear.