The Las Vegas Desert Dogs Experience

Lacrosse All Stars fans and those who enjoy top-tier lacrosse journalism rejoice, for I have returned. I realized on my 5:00am flight to Sin City, aka Las Vegas, that I was about to embark on an opportunity of a lifetime and my experiences needed to be shared with lacrosse fans across the globe. Imagine ten […]

How Each Team Can Win the 2022 PLL Championship

2022 PLL Championship

Lacrosse fans rejoice, it is playoff season for the 2022 PLL Championship. Last season we saw the sixth seeded Chaos ride momentum all the way through the playoffs to an all-time championship celebration. The previous two years Whipsnakes reigned supreme. Throughout PLL history only three teams have made the title game, Chaos, Redwoods, and Whipsnakes. […]

Is the Transition Role Being Implemented in Field Lacrosse?


For indoor lacrosse, the transition position is a staple. With the condensed field size and on the fly substitutions, moving from defense to offense happens in seconds. Zach Currier, Challen Rogers, and Jordan MacIntosh are a few names who have dominated in this role in the NLL. As the PLL’s fourth season is beginning to […]

2022 PLL All-Underrated Team

PLL Underrated

The Premier Lacrosse League has excelled with its social media presence. Without watching the games you can catch highlight goals, final scores, and every scrappy play before or after the whistle. This has been a major factor in the sports progression. The biggest benefit of the PLL’s strong social media presence is it has allowed […]

2022 PLL Rookie of the Year Watchlist


Year in and year out, we see rookies enter the league who play like seasoned veterans. The inaugural season it was the wonder kids for the Redwoods, Timmy Troutner and Ryder Garnsey. In 2020 we saw the first two picks Grant Ament and Bryan Costabile ascend quickly through the league. Who can forget the breakout […]

Different Types of Star Lacrosse Players: Roles Defined

Star lacrosse players

For my loyal readers fear no longer, I have heard you. The angry twitter DM’s and pitch fork mobs all asking the same questions. “Where’s the different skill sets of “The Guys” article you teased in your first piece?” They have worked. I understand that not all star lacrosse players are built the same. In […]

Redrafting the 2019 PLL Collegiate Draft

2019 pll draft

The real ones remember grinding out NBC Sports at 1:30AM back in spring of 2019, waiting for the first ever Premier Lacrosse League content to be aired in the form of the 2019 Collegiate Draft. This marked a historic day for professional outdoor lacrosse, as the new regime of the Premier Lacrosse League was finally […]

Mike Messenger: Player Profile

Mike Messenger

May 2nd, 2022, a tweet flew heavily under the radar from the Chrome LC account, announcing they have signed Mike Messenger from the player pool. While other signings tend to garnish much recognition, praise, and rebuttal. But there was not a peep about the Messenger signing. Most probably even wondered, who is Mike Messenger?  For […]

Building An Elite PLL Offense: Roles Defined

pll offense

Lacrosse fans know with only eight teams in the PLL the talent pool is ridiculous. Every team is stacked with big names. We have seen throughout the brief history of the PLL a relatively even playing field, any given day any team can win. With so much talent, how do you differentiate a good offense […]