What is Armor Mesh?

Armor Mesh, it’s new, it’s innovative, it’s a little tricky too. Typical mesh is made by weaving very thin thread tightly together and interwoven between diamond rows and columns to make a sheet of relatively flat piece of mesh. Because these thin threads are woven so tightly together, there is not much room for it to […]

ECD Lacrosse Is Leading the Way in Lacrosse Technology

ecd lacrosse

With well-established companies continuously releasing the same products with minor tweaks every year while adding a sequential number to the name, I think it’s important to highlight a company that constantly releases new innovations and isn’t afraid to push the limits of what is possible, ECD Lacrosse. From new materials like graphene used in the […]

What Makes the Tactik 3 and Havok 2 So Special?

tactik 3

With the release of the new Tactik 3.0 and Havok 2.0, let’s dive into what makes Maverik’s latest releases so popular and look over what changes they’ve made to the new models. But first, we have to understand what made these heads popular in the first place. These heads initially gained traction due to the […]

Ranking the 2022 NCAA D1 Lacrosse Tournament Helmets

Lacrosse Helmet Ranking

With the 2022 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament now a month in the past, let’s go through my ranking of the best and worst of the 18 teams’ helmet designs from this year’s tournament. WARNING: This list is strictly one writer’s opinion on which helmets were their favorite. However, I strongly encourage debate in the comments sections about […]

PLL Player Royale: Week 2 Picks

pll player royale

We saw phenomenal play from the Atlas’ family style offense in Week 1, netting both Jeff Teat and Eric Law 31 and 29 fantasy points in the PLL Player Royale respectively. At the faceoff X, Trevor Baptiste went off as well with 26.6 points, which included a 2-pointer (10 points). Lyle Thompson and Nick Morocco scored […]

2022 PLL Season Preview: Strengths and Weaknesses

PLL Season

What a PLL season we are awaiting. The PLL is now on ESPN, there’s a fresh new draft class of fresh talent, player movement has happened, and we’re all set for faceoff on Saturday. But before the first whistle, let’s get caught up on each team and what they’ve done since last September, and what we can […]