Ask a Ref: Officiating Goal-Crease Play Pt. 1

Ask A Ref Nate McIntyre

In this series Mark and I are covering different aspects of officiating the crease. He is taking most of the calls related to the goalkeeper, and I’m handling officiating the crease in common situations.

Ask a Ref: What Angle Are You Working?

Ask a Ref What angle are you working

It is an American pastime for the fans to work the refs. We are here to help you recognize which angle you are working and providing tips to apply towards your preventative officiating.

Ask a Ref: The Defenseless Player

Today, Gordon Corsetti will be addressing the Defenseless Player rule which has been added as a 2014 rule change for boys lacrosse.

Respect My Authority!

Coaches, players, and fans often compare sports referees to police officers when explaining the authority that a referee has over a game. While it is an easy comparison to make, everyone who makes it seriously understates the amount of authority that a referee actually possesses.

Busting Rule Myths in NFHS and NCAA Boys Lacrosse

Myth Busted Refs Gordon Corsetti

You hear really strange rule interpretations when working as a traveling lacrosse official. I listen to the most incorrect explanations of what the current lacrosse rules are at every level I officiate and every region I do games in. In this post I cover what I consider the Top 10 Rule Myths in NFHS and NCAA Boys Lacrosse and I bust those myths using the 2013 rulebooks for each respective level.

Temporary Stewards of a Permanent Game

Gordon Corsetti discusses how we are all just temporary stewards of lacrosse. It’s a permanent game, and we are temporary, so how can we impact the sport we all love? Gordon provides some great direction, and lays out The Tenets of the Temporary Lacrosse Steward.

Men’s Lacrosse Rules: Now And Then

In this post, Gordon Corsetti analyzes the Laws of Lacrosse as written by WIlliam Beers, and adopted in 1868 by the National Lacrosse Association of Canada, and he compares those laws to the 2013 NFHS and NCAA rulebooks that all of us played, coached, and officiated by this past season.

Playing Men’s Lacrosse in 1869

old school australia vintage lacrosse

Welcome Gordon Corsetti back to LAS! Gordon has been researching the roots of the game, and sharing his findings with us. It’s an informative and exhaustive look at the history of modern lacrosse.

Accounts Of The Original Lacrosse Game

old school australia vintage lacrosse

An official and Game Grower down in Atlanta, Gordon Corsetti has been answering great questions about lacrosse rules for us, and his responses have been in-depth, entertaining, and informative. Now Gordon is back on LAS with an account of the original lacrosse game, through the eyes of history and books, and he’s also researching and answering some intriguing “WHY” questions we simply needed answered!

Ask A Ref: Goalie Stick Switching And Equipment

In our last edition of Ask A Ref, Gordon Corsetti filled us in on how players can, and can not, exchange sticks on the field of play. This week, he’s covering goalie sticks, how they can be used on offense, and we can draw the line.