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Hannah is the women’s goalie at Clarkson University in Upstate New York, currently pursuing a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. Hailing from the Granite State (NH), she has 13 years of experience of playing, coaching, and loving lacrosse. Her favorite things are the eye black, talking gear, watching Jeopardy, and the beautiful sound when somebody visits pipe city.
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Women’s Lake Placid Lacrosse Tournament Recap

Hannah Walters is back on LAS with a recap of the Women's side of the Lake Placid Summit Lacrosse Tournament! The ladies' side is a little smaller than the men's side, but the action is just as good! Only 354 days til Lake Placid 2012!
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Clarkson Women’s Lacrosse Takes On Orlando

Hannah is back with an action packed post on the Clarkson Women's Team trip to Disney, where they rode the rides, got on facebook a bit, and oh yeah, they won their first game of the season! Looks like a fun trip! Makes me miss Lacrosse Spring Break!
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Women’s Lacrosse: No Pads, No Helmets, No Problem

Our newest contributor, Hannah, is here to talk about one thing: Women's Lacrosse. It's well past due! Hannah is talking about her team, the national scene and so much more. Best female lacrosse blogger on the internet? That was quick!