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Henry Richenstein

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Henry Richenstein attended high school at Riverdale in Portland, Oregon. Now, Henry is a Junior LSM at Gonzaga University in Washington where he competes in the PNCLL DII. He's on the road this summer coach at camps in the West with Rhino Lacrosse!
Road Trip with Rhino Bozeman, Montana
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Road Trip With Rhino: Bozeman, Montana

After the Boise, Idaho Rhino Academy finished up, the road crew and I hit the road towards our next stop in Bozeman, Montana. Before this camp, I didn’t really have a sense of the skill level of the lacrosse players in Montana, so I admit that I assumed it was pretty low. After the first day of camp, I was pleasantly surprised that I was way off.
Road Trip With Rhino Lacrosse
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Road Trip with Rhino: What’s to Come

With the regular season drawing to a close it is time for sun burns and tan lines, lacrosse pennies, and of course summer camps! This summer I will be traveling on the road with the Rhino Lacrosse crew as we hit the road for five Rhino Lacrosse Academies in Arizona, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and back to Oregon to wrap thing up in beautiful Bend before the highly anticipated Oregon Lacrosse Classic.