GameChanger Podcast: Casey Powell

Determination and Imagination - Casey Powell

We still got a chance to talk about how Casey Powell got started playing lacrosse, what he learned in high school vs. college, and what skills the indoor game forced him to take to outdoor game.

GameChanger Chat: Rob Pannell

Rob Pannell Team USA Lacrosse

On today’s GameChanger Lacrosse Podcast we talk to Rob Pannell about things like how he improved so much between his junior and senior year of high school, how he reacted when he was overlooked by college coaches, and what one thing he thinks all players should work on to get stronger physically.

GameChanger Chat: The Coaches of LaxCon

GameChanger Podcast: Coaches of LaxCon

In this episode, we asked the coaches who attended LaxCon 4 questions and we got some interesting answers. It was also a chance to test out GameChanger with the public.

GameChanger Chat: Richie Meade

Ask Richie Meade anything

Richie Meade has been the Head Coach for three different NCAA programs, and has coached Team USA. This is a man you want to learn from! Podcast time!

GameChanger Chat: Dom Starsia

podcast_fb_20141215_Dom_Starsia copy

Joe Yevolie got the chance to sit down with his old coach from UVa, Coach Dom Starsia. His name is definitely one all lacrosse fans will recognize immediately and Coach Starsia drops knowledge in this podcast interview!

Ask Coach Richie Meade Anything

Ask Richie Meade anything

On Wednesday of next week I’ll be interviewing one of the most well respected coaches in all of lacrosse, Furman and Team USA Head Coach, Richie Meade.

GameChanger Chat: Bill Tierney – Part 2

Bill Tierney GameChanger podcast part 2

This time around, Coach shares insights on winning the close games, going through the recruiting process and what he calls his “coaching blueprint,” so don’t miss the chance to hear it from one of the game’s greatest!

GameChanger Chat: Bill Tierney – Part 1

Bill Tierney lacrosse

In this episode we talk to Coach Tierney about things like how he got started with coaching, who he modeled his coaching style after, and how he developed the Princeton Defense.

Joe Yevoli: What Would I Do Differently?

what would I do differently?

There’s one question I have asked almost every guest on the GameChanger Lacrosse Podcast (Subscribe on iTunes!). For me, it happens to be the most interesting question. It’s usually the interview question every player and coach struggle with the most. So, what’s the question? If you could do your college playing career over again, what would you do differently?