PLL Free Agency: Expiring 2022 Contracts


With the PLL season sadly over until the sixes tournament in January, it’s time to focus on free agency. We do not know when exactly the PLL free agency period will open up, but we do know (at this moment) which players will be hitting the market. Since this is the PLL’s first true free […]

Will Kieran McArdle Make the Hall of Fame?

kieran mcardle

After winning the 2022 PLL championship with the Waterdogs last weekend, Kieran McArdle has captured that elusive ring he’s been searching for. McArdle has always been an under the radar player going back to his days at St John’s. But with his championship ring it’s time to start asking the question, is McArdle a hall […]

Waterdogs Journey to a Championship Appearance


The Waterdogs were the PLL’s first expansion team in 2020, and now find themselves in the PLL Championship this Sunday. Andy Copelan has done an amazing job with constructing this Waterdogs team and turning them into one of the league’s best. Let’s take a look back at the short history of the Waterdogs and how […]

Have the Archers Run Out of Time?


The Archers have been considered one of the league’s top teams for the last three seasons, butthey have failed to find postseason success. With a lot of their key players getting older andmost of their key players entering free agency this offseason, yesterday’s loss against the Chaos may have been the last chance for this […]

Who Exactly is RJ Kaminski from the PLL?

Since day one of the PLL’s inception, the league has always wanted to paint a picture for fans and create access that hadn’t been done before by any other professional sports leagues. They have done a great job at providing an excellent product on the field, but the one thing the league has done differently […]

The Whipsnakes are the Standard of Excellence


The Whipsnakes have been the most consistent team in the PLL for four years now. They won the first two championships, have played in all three championship games, and had the league’s first two MVPs. With their dominance in the league’s short history, it’s easy to root against the Whipsnakes, but you have to be […]

Is Ryan Lanchbury a Future NLL Star?

ryan lanchbury

With the NLL season ending, the PLL has been the main focus of the lacrosse world the last two months, but it isn’t the only professional lacrosse being played right now. The Western Lacrosse Association and Major Series Lacrosse are currently in their playoff seasons up north in Canada. Ryan Lanchbury has been having a […]

The Unanswered Questions of the PLL


The PLL has been a huge success that has helped professional lacrosse reach new heights intheir four years of existence. The league has given its fans more access than the sport has had inthe past. It has a strong social media presence, great behind the scenes content, and obviouslya great on-field product with more TV […]

Ranking Every NLL Teams’ Helmets

nll helmets

We have ranked the top NLL jerseys, but now its time to rank the best helmets in the NLL. Box lacrosse helmets are definitely more subtle compared to their field counterparts. Even though there is a smaller surface area, the NLL does have some great helmets that stand out to fans in the arena and […]

Should the Cannons Trade Lyle Thompson?


Lyle Thompson is arguably one of the best players in the world. From the moment he joined the PLL, he was an MVP favorite and the clear cut choice for the first pick in the entry draft. While Lyle has been one of the top scorers in the league, he hasn’t been the Lyle Thompson […]

Waterdogs Have Unlocked a New Offense


Michael Sowers is an immense talent and was expected to have a huge impact for the Waterdogs since day one, but so far the Waterdogs haven’t had the success they thought they would have with Sowers on the field. Sowers has had some unlucky injury problems early in his career, which has led the Waterdogs […]

Will Manny Is on Pace for an MVP Title

will manny

Will Manny has had an illustrious career in professional lacrosse. He’s always been one of the better scorers in the league, but he’s never consistently been considered for league MVP. With his blazing hot start to the 2022 season while leading an Archers LC team without their offensive juggernaut Grant Ament, Will Manny is certainly […]