Lacrosse Trips: Rules of the Road

Yee Haw! The 2009 season is OFFICIALLY underway, and yesterday was the 3rd official launch day of the new MCLA website. Guess what? It actually happened this time! As many teams prepare to make their first road trips of the season, I’ve decided to provide you with a few crucial rules to live by while bunking at Motel 6 with your teammates…

OT done the right way

Did you check out the ’09 edition of the NHL All-Star game played up in Montreal? Perusing through the boobtube last night I saw the 12-11 final and was surprised that it was such a high scoring affair. Aren’t hockey games supposed to be 3-2? The best part was that there was actually a winner.  After ending in an 11 to 11 tie and a scoreless OT, they went to a shootout won by the East Team.