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Matt Striebel

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Matt is the ultimate lacrosse instructor, besides his vast knowledge of lacrosse, his passion for the game is contagious and quickly picked up by his players. When not playing and teaching lacrosse, Matt plans to start on the next great novel. He earned an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Iowa and a BA in English from Princeton University.
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The All Important Split Dodge

When I was twelve years old I went to my first lacrosse camp. One of the all time greats —Mark Millon—was a coach there. He spoke in front of the entire camp one afternoon in an old gymnasium because it was raining outside. What he told us: “If you’re gonna learn one dodge in your lacrosse life, make it a split dodge.”
Mitch Belisle
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Stick Work with Matt Striebel

With all the hand-eye work we do in lacrosse, footwork can be one of the most highly underrated skill requirements, but if you watch the best players in the world you’ll notice their footwork is often what sets them apart.