The Return of Jack Kelly for the Redwoods

jack kelly

The goalie position in the PLL is undoubtedly one of the most competitive positions and the hardest position on the field. Even more so, it is rare to see a switch in personnel during the season after a starting goaltender is named. However, this season Jack Kelly has been the man to step up to the […]

Most “Lax Bro” Player Names in the PLL


There is an unwritten understanding in the lacrosse community on what it means to be a “lax bro” but the definition greatly changes depending on who you ask. Instead of sitting here and trying to describe what exactly being a “lax bro” entails, I’m going to assume that most everyone in the lacrosse world has […]

Myles Jones Player Profile

Myles Jones

In the sport of lacrosse, there are few players who have a presence as captivating as Myles Jones. In 2013, Myles stepped onto the college lacrosse scene as a staggering 6’5, 200+ pound freshman at Duke University. From that point he took the world by storm and has not slowed down since. Since 2013, Myles has captured […]

Trevor Baptiste Player Profile

Trevor Baptiste

Trevor Baptiste is undoubtedly one of the best (if not the best) faceoff specialists the game of lacrosse has ever seen. He was a NCAA Division 1 national champion at the University of Denver in 2015, an NCAA record holder, and still is one the most dominant faceoff specialists in professional lacrosse today. However, the most impressive […]

Rutgers Lacrosse: 2022 Season Summary

rutgers lacrosse

Rutgers men’s lacrosse has put together a phenomenal season this year and they are finally headed to Championship Weekend. Rutgers has made 11 National Tournament appearances since the introduction of the playoff system in 1971 and only two since 2004.  Needless to say, this has been a long time coming for the program.   The Scarlet Knights […]

The Committee Got it Wrong: Notre Dame Lacrosse

Notre Dame Lacrosse

The committee not selecting Notre Dame for an at-large bid for the 2022 NCAA lacrosse tournament is undoubtedly the biggest snub that we have ever seen on Selection Sunday. But the question is, why is this snub so much worse than other snubs we have seen in the past?   Carrying a modest 8-4 record, Notre […]

Best College Lacrosse Helmets: Cascade, Warrior, STX


In recent years, the lacrosse world has seen an expansion in helmet options. Teams across the country have been taking a chance on some of the newer styles of helmets. We now have a world where Cascade, Warrior, and STX are all bringing new looks to the game, but how do they stack up against […]

2022 NCAA Lacrosse Conference Tournament Predictions

lacrosse conference tournament

With the 2022 NCAA lacrosse conference tournaments starting, it only makes sense to look at both the favorites and the underdogs. This has been an extremely enjoyable season thus far and post-season tournaments looks to elevate the level of play to the next level. While there certainly are many favorites in each conference, there are […]

Hottest Team in the Country: Georgetown Lacrosse

Georgetown Lacrosse

The 2022 college lacrosse regular season has been an absolute thrill to watch. We have been treated to excellent lacrosse week after week coming out of multiple conferences. With playoffs and the NCAA tournament approaching, it is time to really consider who will be the major threat in the brackets this year. The team to beat this […]

Big East Lacrosse: Conference Uniform Rankings

This week, we cover the best and worst uniforms coming out of the Big East Lacrosse conference.  Let’s take a look where these schools stack up amongst each other.  Big East Lacrosse Conference Uniform Rankings 6. St. Johns Up to this point in the season, St. Johns men’s lacrosse has definitely seen better days, and […]

ACC Lacrosse: Absolute Chaos Down the Stretch

acc lacrosse

This weekend, the ACC treated us to lacrosse upsets and high-scoring statement wins. Let’s recap the weekend for the ACC and take a look at what it means coming down the stretch towards the end of the regular season.  #2 Virginia (13) – Richmond (17) In a shocking upset, the Cavaliers fell to the Richmond Spiders […]

Georgetown Lacrosse: A Dog in the Race


The Georgetown Hoyas have gradually climbed from just being another team in the Big East Conference, to an elite Top 10 contender in the college lacrosse looking to secure a National Championship.  Georgetown has gradually been making noise in college lacrosse for a few years now, but 2022 seems like the year the Hoyas have […]