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Is the New PLL Shot Clock Good for the Game?

The opening weekend of the 2023 PLL season did not disappoint and has fans excited for the summer. The weekend was loaded with highlight reel goals, great defense, and down-to-the-wire finishes. However, the most impactful addition of the weekend was the new shot clock. A fresh 32-second shot starts after possession has been established following […]

Brian Ruppel Maryland Lacrosse Goalie Spotlight

For the last decade, the University of Maryland has been a gold standard for NCAA Division 1 Men’s Lacrosse. The team motto of “Be The Best” has been embodied in the program with its consistent dominance across the sport. During the 2022 season, the Terps lived up to the saying and completed a perfect season capped […]

Ivy League Lacrosse 2023 Conference Preview

The Ivy League had a breakout season last year and was arguably the best conference in all of college lacrosse. Despite the conference beating up on one another during the regular season, six of the seven teams in the Ivy League made the NCAA Lacrosse Tournament. The Ivy League is riddled with talent from top […]

Big East Lacrosse 2023 Conference Preview

The Big East is one of most interesting conferences in college lacrosse. With teams like Georgetown and Denver sitting at the top, the conference has the potential to bring home a national championship. However, the lower half of the Big East has been lackluster in recent years. With multiple new coaches at the helm, expect […]

ACC Lacrosse 2023 Conference Preview

The ACC in years past has been arguably the best conference in college lacrosse. Last year, the ACC took a step backwards as Virginia was the only team to make the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse National Tournament. The 2023 season leaves a lot of opportunity for the ACC to reclaim its throne at the top of […]

Hot Takes for the 2023 College Lacrosse Season


It seems crazy to already be talking about the 2023 college lacrosse season, but once the PLL is over, all attention will be on fall ball of the college landscape. It’s fun to look ahead towards next season especially coming off an electric 2022 season. There is a lot to be excited about for the […]

The Return of Jack Kelly for the Redwoods

jack kelly

The goalie position in the PLL is undoubtedly one of the most competitive positions and the hardest position on the field. Even more so, it is rare to see a switch in personnel during the season after a starting goaltender is named. However, this season Jack Kelly has been the man to step up to the […]

Most “Lax Bro” Player Names in the PLL


There is an unwritten understanding in the lacrosse community on what it means to be a “lax bro” but the definition greatly changes depending on who you ask. Instead of sitting here and trying to describe what exactly being a “lax bro” entails, I’m going to assume that most everyone in the lacrosse world has […]

Myles Jones Player Profile

Myles Jones

In the sport of lacrosse, there are few players who have a presence as captivating as Myles Jones. In 2013, Myles stepped onto the college lacrosse scene as a staggering 6’5, 200+ pound freshman at Duke University. From that point he took the world by storm and has not slowed down since. Since 2013, Myles has captured […]

Trevor Baptiste Player Profile

Trevor Baptiste

Trevor Baptiste is undoubtedly one of the best (if not the best) faceoff specialists the game of lacrosse has ever seen. He was a NCAA Division 1 national champion at the University of Denver in 2015, an NCAA record holder, and still is one the most dominant faceoff specialists in professional lacrosse today. However, the most impressive […]

Rutgers Lacrosse: 2022 Season Summary

rutgers lacrosse

Rutgers men’s lacrosse has put together a phenomenal season this year and they are finally headed to Championship Weekend. Rutgers has made 11 National Tournament appearances since the introduction of the playoff system in 1971 and only two since 2004.  Needless to say, this has been a long time coming for the program.   The Scarlet Knights […]

The Committee Got it Wrong: Notre Dame Lacrosse

Notre Dame Lacrosse

The committee not selecting Notre Dame for an at-large bid for the 2022 NCAA lacrosse tournament is undoubtedly the biggest snub that we have ever seen on Selection Sunday. But the question is, why is this snub so much worse than other snubs we have seen in the past?   Carrying a modest 8-4 record, Notre […]