Men’s DI Championship Challenge: Play Now!

ncaa d1 men's lacrosse pick-it challemge

Powell Lacrosse and Lacrosse All Stars are excited to present the Men’s DI Championship Challenge! Click here to submit your picks! It will make the NCAA DI championship game that much more exciting. And remember, the game starts tomorrow at 1pm so don’t put this off!! Make Picks Now Men’s DI Championship Challenge How to Play It’s easy! Just […]

MLL Championship Preview

MLL Championship preview Powell Lacrosse

It’s here! MLL Championship Weekend is upon us. Get up to speed with the Ohio Machine, Denver Outlaws match-up!

MLL Field Report: Week 13

mll field report 13

The last Field Report before the 2017 Major League Lacrosse regular season comes to a close. Get all caught up.

The Alumni Game

Kev Lev MLL Alumni Game

This weekend features the second annual MLL Alumni Game to be held at Lake Placid. Here’s a must-see event.

MLL Field Report: Week 11

MLL field report week 11 via Powell Lacrosse

We’re approaching the final stretch of the season, Powell drops a new MLL Field Report to catch you up.

The Magic of Lake Placid

When you hear Lake Placid, what immediately comes to mind? Since you’re here, probably lacrosse!