Questions Regarding the 2023 College Lacrosse Season

I have questions about the 2023 college lacrosse season. Right now, we wait for answers. Until we actually see what a team looks like in practice, in a scrimmage, or an actual game, we don’t know. Paper based analysis never works and once we start seeing and evaluating teams, comparing is difficult and tricky along […]

Important Division 1 Men’s Lacrosse February Matchups

Here are some compelling winter games that’ll shape the 2023 landscape. They are a foreword to the season as the results may be significant in May. These early tussles will be revealing.  With league scheduling hoarding the mid-March and April calendar, the best cross-conference competition exists in February and during the first half of March.  […]

Lacrosse Tryouts: Bad Habits to Ditch and Winning Traits 

With lacrosse tryouts looming around the corner, I threw together some habits to break and essential mindset advice to help you navigate through the nerve-racking portion of your pre-season. After reading this article you should be ready to tackle your next lacrosse tryout. Your attitude always counts. Your body language is a notable trait and is […]

Spark the Fire for the 2023 Lacrosse Season

Who’s ready for the first day of practice of the 2023 lacrosse season? Welcome to the cold, dark month of January. Who’s ready to hop on a bus and roll into hostile territory? Who’s ready to walk through the airport in coat and tie on a business trip? Who’s ready to march out of the […]

Quint Kessenich’s 2023 New Year’s Lacrosse Resolutions

Quint Kessenich sits down and gives his New Year’s lacrosse resolutions for the upcoming year. Make groundballs your No.1 priority in 2023. Resolve to not pick up greasers from the end line. Goalies, make this the year you stop allowing inside pipe goals, and react to rebounds with urgency. Shooters resolve to remove the massive […]

Quint Kessenich’s Holiday Gift List

With Christmas right around the corner, Quint Kessenich gives us an inside look into his gift list this holiday season. Santa Quint is looking to spread some joy to the lacrosse community as the snow begins to hit the ground. For Coaches – A Jon Gordon authored book under your tree Premier Lacrosse League – […]

2023 College Lacrosse Sleeper Players

Inside lacrosse released it’s Top 50 Men’s Players for 2023 recently. Last week, I published Snubs from the Inside Lacrosse Top 50 Men’s Players For 2023. This list featured great players who did not make the cut for the Top 50. I hosted IL’s Terry Foy and Matt Kinnear on the Quintessential Lacrosse Podcast and […]

Snubs from the Inside Lacrosse Top 50 Men’s Players For 2023

Inside Lacrosse released its list of the Top 50 Men’s Players For 2023. It’s not an easy assignment and their five-man committee does all of the work in promoting the “big name” players in the sport.  There is no bias and I reject the notion that they operate with an agenda.  It can be easy to […]

Improve Your Lacrosse Game in December

December is the loneliest month. Let’s take a look at December, and the time period between final exams and the first day of practice in January. “We don’t get a chance to be with the guys in December, because of finals,” said UNC Head Coach, Joe Breschi. “We hope to maintain through voluntary workouts what we’ve […]

Who Is in Charge of Growing the Game of Lacrosse?

Why does it seem like many athletes play lacrosse in high school and college and then turn their backs on the sport when they hang up their stick? “My feeling is after they are done playing they get caught up in their own careers, marriage or relationships, and kids. If their kids or younger family […]

Best of the Quintessential Lacrosse Podcast

Lacrosse All Stars produces a weekly podcast, the Quintessential Lacrosse Podcast. Catchy name right? I host and speak with different personalities that include college coaches, pro players, PLL coaches, women’s stars, and media members. The weekly episodes are 30 minutes in length, and are uploaded to just about anywhere you can find podcasts. This week’s […]

Connor Choate: The Texas A&M 12th Man is a Lacrosse Player

Texas A&M is home of the 12th Man. The 12th Man this season happens to be Connor Choate, a graduate student from Coppell, Texas, who played high school lacrosse. He’s the team long snapper and wears the historic jersey No.12. The jersey was bestowed to him in August of 2021, by Texas A&M Head Coach, […]