Inside the MCLA National Tournament

The MCLA National Tournament is a unique and one-of-a-kind experience. Ronnie Fernando takes you inside what each day of the event is like.

If you have ever played, covered, or coached in the MCLA, then you know a thing or two about the way its national tournament is set up. Inside the MCLA National Tournament Thirty-two teams, 16 from each of the two divisions, ascend on MCLA Mount Olympus to duke it out for seven days until one […]

I Chose MCLA Lacrosse

Ronnie Fernando chose the MCLA for his lacrosse journey, and he explains why the level of the sport doesn't deserve its stigma.

Stigma: the word that comes to mind when anyone mentions the MCLA in lacrosse circles. The MCLA Stigma A scarlet letter – a trope if you will – of what is seen when one mentions that they play lacrosse in the MCLA. The Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association is home to 169 member colleges and universities […]