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Redwoods Jerry Ragonese Talks Face-masks and Face-offs

Jerry Ragonese Malcolm Chase face-pff face-masks

Editor’s Note: Malcolm Chase has left the gym long enough to catch up with another man that is no stranger to heavy weight, Jerry Ragonese. Malcolm checks in via Zoom to find out how Ragonese has pivoted training and work to adapt to COVID-19 shutdowns. This year’s been challenging for everyone in the lacrosse community. […]

Meet Pete Milliman, the New Mind Behind JHU Men’s Lacrosse

johns hopkins ncaa Meet Pete Milliman, the New Mind Behind JHU Men’s Lacrosse

Editor’s Note: We welcome the man, the myth, the animal, Malcolm Chase, back to Malcolm is one of the most terrifying longsticks we’ve ever seen and a guy that has built his credibility through a constant grind to never stopping improving. You’ll be hearing a lot from Malcolm, from workout tips to interviews with […]

2014 NCAA Championship & The LSM

We’re set up to see FIVE great games this weekend for NCAA Championship Weekend (two D1 semis, the D2 final, D3 final, and D1 final), and as usual, long stick midfielders will play a huge part. While there may not be a CJ Costabile of 2014 (then again, there may be!), these guys will play a huge role in how the games turn out.

Throwback Thursday: Boston Strong in Time of Tragedy

One of the best parts of being a Cannon in 2013 was the ability to interact with the so many in our community. Last year, after the Marathon bombings, a lot of people in our city were in dyer need of financial and moral support.

Hawaii 5-0 and Out

Nearly a month has passed since my girlfriend and I reluctantly boarded the shuttle to Honolulu Airport for our long trip back to Boston. The 20-30 degree days here in New England have thickened my blood, and the withdrawal symptoms have begun to fade. Still, the fond memories of this amazing lacrosse event, compiled with those of years past, have added to my love for the beautiful place that is Hawaii.

Hawaii 2013: Chasing Another Title

Both the Wimmer Elite and Masters teams went 5-0 to take home the hardware once again. This means many things, but the most important is that the charities that Wimmer Solutions generously donates to on behalf of each lacrosse team that wins their respective division.

Malcolm Chase – Hawaii 5-0 Lacrosse

It’s Hawaii time and Malcolm Chase is running with Wimmer Solutions in the Elite and Masters divisions! His team – his lacrosse family – is off to their usual start, and is currently 3-0 in the Elite and 4-0 in Masters, and looking strong in both divisions.

Chasing The Dream Part Four: Coming Home

Sometimes a little physical play can spark a team and send a clear message to their opponent that nothing is going to come easy tonight. Malcolm Chase really wants to deliver that message for the Boston Cannons.