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Usain Bolt Jamaica world record sprint fast
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Training Tip Of The Week: Basic Sprint Drills

Scott Umberger is back with another Training Tip of the Week! Scott is helping you get faster and he's hoping you're using good form. To make sure, he's set up a couple of sprint drills (with video examples!) to get you going. Be the best athlete you can be!
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Training Tip Of The Week: Arm Pump

Scott Umberger is back with his Training Tip of the Week. He's trying to get you thinking about how you train, and how effective it is. What do you have to say Scott on Arm Pump? It's this weeks Tip of the Week!
Punch In The Face
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Eating To Grow, Food Ratios, And A Good Punch In The Face

Scott Umberger is back with another quick-hitting post on how you can be a better athlete. He's keeping it simple for you, and making sure you can be all you can be. Listen up and if you know a thing or two about training, don't hesitate to drop knowledge in the comments!

Get Jacked! With Coach Scott Umberger

Scott's really outdone himself this time. He took his handy camera out to The Pittsburgh Lacrosse Store and created a guide on how to master the shuttle run. Get ready to learn all the tips and tricks to blinding speed just in time for fall tryouts.