Turtle Island Scholarship Seeks Indigenous Youth Applicants

Turtle Island Scholarship Seeks Indigenous Youth Applicants

Continuing in its commitment to supporting underserved athletes in their pursuit of lacrosse and education, the Give & Go Foundation has followed up the launch of the Kyle Harrison Scholarship Fund with the Turtle Island Scholarship Fund to focus on aiding Indigenous youth. Recently launched by pro lacrosse stars from Six Nations, Randy Staats and […]

Kyle Harrison Scholarship Fund Now Seeking Applicants

Kyle Harrison Scholarship Fund

On September 10, the Give & Go Foundation launched the Kyle Harrison Scholarship fund in an action effort to create a more diverse and inclusive environment within the game of lacrosse. The effort will identify a young Black lacrosse player through an application process and provide financial support in their pursuit of higher education and […]

Great Communicators Share These Important Qualities

great communicators Scott Ratliff August 5, 2017; Boston, MA, USA; Atlanta Blaze @ Boston Cannons at Harvard Stadium

I recently wrote a Tweet about what great communicators do that got some pretty good response on social media. Here is the tweet: I thought it would be worth diving a little deeper into the tweet and talking about each element of a great communicator and what they exactly mean. So, here we go! Great […]