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The Art of Lax

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The Art of Lax is Vinnie Ricasio's graphic studio pertaining to custom and generic sports art and design. He started with lacrosse and is now doing non-lacrosse sports, as well.
gav pasternak
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“All-In!”…a NYC-LAX State of Mind.

That was the direct question from the lady on the subway platform of the 4, 5 & 6 trains in Manhattan with my pair of STX Goalmaster sticks resting on my equipment bag. It was 1989. There were only tokens, no MetroCards. Brooklyn wasn’t a “brand”. The Yankees were not known as winners. The Bronx still had a 212 area-code and buying a cup of coffee could get you a fat lip, instead of free Wi-Fi.
art of lax
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30% OFF – Exclusively Online for LAXCON

Some call it a “reunion”. Some think of it as the “un-official start” of lacrosse season. Manifestly, it’s a Convention. (Btw, yes, that image used, above, is something new coming soon! One of the many exciting things for 2014) Unfortunately, The Art of Lax™ will NOT be attending the 2014 U.S. Lacrosse Convention.
lacrosse art of lax
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Jamming the nights away!

The past few months have been packed with custom orders. Below, are a list of vids of a few pieces that went out to my customers. I’m always jamming the music in the studio. Try not to laugh too much at my variety of music…