Another Day In Paradise

Trevor Baptiste - Paradise Music Playlist

A couple of months ago, I took a trip to Waikiki for a lacrosse tournament and needed some chill music to listen to every day in paradise. I ended up putting this playlist together featuring Khalid, Bob Marley, Aer, Jack Johnson, and more. I played for Antikis Elite at the tournament in Hawaii (A.K.A. Paradise). […]

Best Songs Before I Was Born

TB9 best songs from before I was born

This week I was tasked to bring you the best songs from a time when things were a little bit easier. I was born in 1996, so any time before that seemed reasonable to me. Life certainly hasn’t been easy for anyone since I entered this world! I focused on the best songs when it comes […]

Electronic Music

Electronic music playlist

Editor’s note: We featured Trevor Baptiste in the artwork accompanied by last week’s Fly Music playlist because he was instrumental in helping us put it together. Now Trevor has taken it upon himself to hit you with a full playlist of Electronic music! So, what exactly is electronic music, anyway? Here’s the official lowdown from […]