Explaining the Top 25 Lacrosse Heads

top 25 lacrosse heads

It’s not easy, but I’ve embarked on explaining my top-25 lacrosse heads of all time. How many years have you played lacrosse?  How many different heads have you used?  How many have you loved, and how many have you hated?  Over the years of playing, I have compiled my personal list of the top-25 lacrosse […]

Five Best Pro Lacrosse Jerseys of the Last Few Years


We can all appreciate a good-looking jersey, but the ones that stuck with us through the years are often some of the best. Through the last few years of pro lacrosse, I came up with what I think are the five best jerseys to grace the grass and turf. Represented in this list are two […]

Five Best Modern Lacrosse Gloves

Best Modern Lacrosse Gloves

Lacrosse gloves have come a long way over the past couple of years in quality and in design. While some lacrosse gloves have been left in the past, there has certainly been some that stand out among the rest to be the best of the modern era. From the Brine King to the Maverik Rome, […]

What’s It Like to Play NAIA Lacrosse?

Play NAIA Lacrosse

Have you ever wondered what NAIA lacrosse is really like? Do you want to know if playing NAIA lacrosse is for you? Is this the first time you’re hearing about the NAIA? The good news is that I’m here to give you an insider’s perspective of NAIA lacrosse from what the level of play is […]

The Evolution of Cascade Lacrosse Helmets

Cascade lacrosse helmets

Whether they’re your favorite or not, at some point in your life, I guarantee you suited up with a lacrosse helmet from Cascade. Maybe that bucket even became your all-time favorite that will forever sit on your mantle at your home, maybe it didn’t. Whatever the case may be, the fact is that Cascade has […]

Composite or Alloy Shafts: Which Is Better?

which is better, composite or alloy lacrosse shafts

When putting together your lacrosse stick, is it better to go for a composite or alloy shaft? I’m young enough that composite and carbon fiber handles have always been around the game for me. The earliest I can remember is an STX line of composite handles that boasted to be stronger and improve shot speed. […]

Iowa Lacrosse: The State of the Sport

Iowa lacrosse

Yes, there’s lacrosse in Iowa, and it’s better than you probably think. The world is lacrosse is constantly growing. From Japan to Puerto Rico, we are always pleased to hear about its incredible international growth. As the game grows internationally, it also grows in America. Lacrosse has been big for years in traditional hotbeds like […]

How Performance Mesh Took Over the World

Performance mesh wax mesh

Performance mesh is ubiquitous now, but how did we get here? We all remember the day wax mesh took over the lacrosse world; this new type of mesh could withstand any weather and always held its ideal pocket shape. From East Coast mesh to Throne mesh and everyone in between, it was revolutionary to even […]

Should I Cut The Palms Out of My Gloves?

Should I Cut the Palms Out of My Lacrosse Gloves?

Within the wide world of lacrosse exists many different gear trends and preferences. Each gear alteration and customization offers players specifically tailored gear to their game. One main gear alteration we often see is the cutting of palms from lacrosse gloves. If you’re like me, this trend may seem a bit mysterious at first glance. […]

How the 2020 Lacrosse Season Changed My Perspective Forever

2020 lacrosse season

I see things differently now after the 2020 lacrosse season, or lack thereof. It was the start of the 2020 lacrosse season, my sophomore year. As a college lacrosse player, the fall and summer are for preparation and the spring is game time. It’s what you look forward to all year. From the chatter in […]

What Makes a Good Box Lacrosse Stick?

What makes a good box lacrosse stick

Field lacrosse and box lacrosse require different tools, and one of these tools is your stick. In this quick read, I aim to identify several key traits needed in putting together a good box lacrosse stick based on my experience and popular trends around the box world. What makes a good box Lacrosse stick? The […]

Lacrosse Abroad: How My Season in Italy Changed My Life

In 2017, I was a junior in high school in Kent, Ohio. I had finished my first two years of high school lacrosse and just made my original college commitment. The next step in the lacrosse career for most would be to finish up high school ball and prepare for the college game, but it […]