D3 Quarterfinals – Tyler Vs Connor

d3 Quarterfinals

We’re picking winners for the D3 Quarterfinals, so welcome to more Tyler Vs Connor: D3 Pick ‘Em! CW holds a slight edge. Can TR make a comeback?

Picking D3 Winners: Tyler Vs Connor

D3 winners

Connor and Tyler are picking D3 Winners for the NCAA D3 tourney! First round games are played on May 11th, and we’re doing this all tourney long!

2016 D3 Lacrosse Poll – Rest In Peace

I’m calling an audible for the 2016 D3 Lacrosse Poll… instead I’m talking about the Top FOUR teams in the North and South! Who is a D3 contender now?

MidWeek D3 Lacrosse Top 20 Poll

MidWeek D3 Lacrosse Top 20

I am back to take another stab at ‘MY D3 TOP 20’, but this time I’m offering up a midweek D3 lacrosse top 20, taking WED games into account!

D3 Report: It’s Time For a NEW Top 20

new top 20 d3 lacrosse

Now that we have had the chance to watch most D3 teams hit the field, excluding all but Bates (2-0) from the NESCAC, I am going to take a stab at a new Top 20 poll up until this point

D3 Report: 2016 NCAA D3 Top 20 Poll

d3 top 20 ncaa lacrosse brackets

Tyler Russell is on the D3 Report this year, as our newest author (an RIT grad, no less!). We’re letting Tyler loose with a Top 20 Poll for 2016.