Yoga & Reflection to Close

Yoga lacrosse in the sunset

A follow up post to the previous Zen. Lax. Lacrosse. post on doing yoga to open practice. Focusing on letting go can be as important on focusing on achievement.

How Do You Open Practice Every Day?

Yoga lacrosse in the sunset

The opening of any activity sets the tone for participants. To open practice every single day, my high school lacrosse team is practicing yoga; it’s not a long sequences of poses, nor is it particularly “difficult” in that players are huffing and puffing, but what it does is zero the focus in around our body and what is going on with it in this moment.

Traditional Thursday: Breaking In 5D

More great break-in advice from Greg Rose: The initial advice on breaking in the pocket is to make sure all the crosslace junctions secure around the leather and keep the diamonds even. To make sure of this, keep a careful eye on the diamonds as it breaks in and use your finger to scoot the junction back into an equalizing position if it shifts….