Baby Mangino Gets The LacrosseAllStars Vote


Chris Berman OR Baby Mangino?  C’mon, that’s a no-brainer – Look at this kid!

Baby Mangino via Deadspin

The SHOTY (Sports Human Of The Year) Elite Eight is going down this week at Deadspin, and this is the first matchup.  #3 Chris Berman vs. #11 Baby Mangino.  Personally, I don’t think this is much of a matchup.  Mangino’s got it in the bag! Check out the resemblance:

Baby Mangino via DeadspinThe Real Mangino

Not enough?  How bout this one?

The Real Mangino 2

Like I said, no contest.  A VOTE FOR BABY MANGINO IS…

Baby Mangino Mangenius

[via Deadspin]