back to school lax lacrosse classic
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Back 2 School Lax Classic in Kentucky

Editor’s Note: Welcome Muamer Razic back to the Lax Network!  Muamer is now going to a new school in Kentucky that doesn’t have a lax team and he is trying to get one started.  This time, he’s checking in on the progress he’s made organizing a lacrosse tournament in the 2-7-0.  That’s Bowling Green, KY for those that don’t know!


What’s up LAS readers? For those of you who read my previous article, Spartan Lacrosse: Starting A New Tradition, you know that I like doing things that people wouldn’t expect.  I mean come on Bros, who wants to go with the flow when you can go ahead and start your own flow?!?!

The Back 2 School LAX Classic is going to be the VERY FIRST lacrosse tournament here in the 270 (Bowling Green, KY). Now, I’ve never been involved in any kind of lacrosse tournament, so all of this planning and getting things together is new to me. So if you guys have any advice, or anyway to help a bro out, let me know.

back to school lax lacrosse classic
Love the initiative that Muamer is taking out in Kentucky!!!

I’m sure you wanna know what made me do this.

Well, over the summer I was really sick for 9 weeks and had to get a biopsy on my stomach done, and during this time I couldn’t get out of bed so all I did was watch lacrosse videos and string up sticks.  On top of that, I did pretty much anything I could do that would help me get ready and make a healthy and amazing come back.

Now this experience gave me the passion to start the Spartan Lacrosse Club. I am very very proud of everything that’s happened with Spartan lacrosse so far and I am very excited to see it grow next season. I love the game of lacrosse and to see it growing (specifically the interest for it in my city) made me really proud that I decided to go through with it.

I decided that starting a club team wasn’t enough.  Now I want to host the very first lacrosse tournament here in Bowling Green. I figured if I can start a club than I can get a tournament organized.  I’m looking to get at least 10 teams down here to compete, and to have a raffle and clinic just to bring more hype to it.  So far Trinity and North Oldham have confirmed they are coming, and I’m just waiting for other teams to get back to me.

So if you bros have any ways or ideas of  how to help out, or are interested in getting your team down here to participate in the very first 2-7-0 lacrosse tournament, let me know. The idea I’m shooting for is this:  There is no registration fee for the teams that are participating. We will have hotel rooms available for the teams and coaches that decide to come down and participate. The winning team will receive trophies, and everyone that comes down to the tournament will receive a free t-shirt just for participating.

back to school lax classic lacrosse bro
Who doesn't love good line art and bro jokes?