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Back To School And Back To Lax

“Back to school. Back to school, to prove to Dad that I’m not a fool. I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don’t get in a fight.” That’s right. Connor Wilson is here to get you caught up on all the lax news going on as fall ball arrives.
(Press Photo/Emily Zoladz)
Cheer up, fellas. Fall lacrosse is here!

I’m sure some of you played a lot this summer in anticipation of another year of lacrosse, while others cut themselves off and decided they wouldn’t get back into it until the Fall.  Either way,  school has started back up all over the country and that means that the lacrosse world is going to start picking up again since the collegiate level is still the main driver behind media coverage.  In this post, LAS will get you caught up if you’re behind or stoke that fire with updates from all over North America.

mll_rabil_200The NCAA has talked about instant replay being used in televised games where monitors are available on the field.  They cited a couple of instances last year where it may have helped but overall it seems like a waste of time to me.  Decide for yourself.

If you missed the MLL playoffs and finals then you need to check out this page by InsideLacrosse.  Lots of informational videos and highlights from the playoffs.  The action was some of the best I’ve seen in the league, each of the final 3 games were decided by only one goal and Toronto won it all after relocating from Rochester where they had won it all the year before.  People have called Toronto an expansion team because the ownership is different and they moved to another country but the core group of players is more or less still there and that was evident in their second consecutive championship.

The Mann Cup recently went on up in Canadialand and the teams were literally BRAWLING their way through the finals.  Some of the biggest names from both the NLL and MLL take part in this tournament and the game play is very good.  Brodie Merrill has been tearing it up with the likes of Colin Doyle, Dan Dawson and other pro stars.  You can find a bit of coverage on that here.  If you want to see part of a pretty decent fight from the Mann Cup, you can see that here along with some pretty funny comments below.

The college coaching ranks have experiences their usual musical chairs with new head coaches at UPenn, Drexel, Princeton, Denver, BYU, Stevens, RIT, Colorado College and Colorado State to name just a few.  Most were major changes (like Tierney leaving Princeton for Denver) but others (like CSU) were perhaps smaller moves but just as interesting as assistants became head coaches and vice versa.

How the game has changes since 1947!
How the game has changes since 1947!

Fall Ball is starting up for a lot of schools (or has started already) and Paul Rabil is getting back to Homewood to help out with the Jays.  There will be fall ball action coming down the line and lots of new products because of the new head regulations.  For now, you can check out the lax blogging, coming to us courtesy of IL, surrounding the Bermuda “King of the Rock” Tournament.  With teams from Massachusetts, Strong Island, Ontario and Bermuda, the play should be great and the times had even better.  Sounds like a laxers paradise to me!

In the meantime, work on your split dodges, buy your wooden sticks, and if you want to travel AND lax it up try to make it to Hawaii or New Orleans for a guarantteed good time.  The lacrosse is pretty good too!

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