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Beach Lacrosse 2011

BEACH lacrosse new jersey wildwood

Editor’s Note:  Welcome Jimmy Ciccone back the LAS!  You read his amazing post yesterday about picking the sport of lacrosse up a little later in life than most, right?  Well you should do that.  Great stuff!  Now he’s dropping beach lacrosse in New Jersey on you.  This seems like fun!


You read it right. Beach Lacrosse 2011. It’s lacrosse…on the beach. I’m here to bring you the scoop on one of the newest tournaments right in my home of South Jersey.

BeaCH lacrosse new jersey wildwood
Beach Lacrosse for sure!

The Morey’s Pier Beach Lacrosse Tournament is in its second year in Wildwood, New Jersey.  The tournament started in the Summer of (July) 2010 after Nick Lassor, events and entertainment planner for Morey’s Piers traveled to Den Haag in the Netherlands to research the only known instance of organized beach lacrosse.  (Editor’s Note:  there is also a tourney in South Florida at some point.  I think it’s hosted by LacrosseWear)  Now they’ve brought it to the States and it’s an instant hit. This year’s tournament will be July 16-17 in Wildwood, NJ.

“Games are 5v5, 4 field players plus a goalie, with a maximum of 10 players per team. Each game will have two 18 minute halves with a 4 minute break. Fields are 30 yards by 40 yards. Each team will play 3 games with a 4th possible Final game (weather and other unforeseen conditions permitting). Divisions will run from U9 – U18, Men’s Open and Women’s Open.” -Courtesy of


-All the standard U.S Lacrosse rules apply (Equipment ,other than cleats, fouls etc.)

-No cleats (except for goalies). What kind of beach tournament would it be if you didn’t literally have your toes in the sand?

-No long poles. Shorties only.


-Camp out on the beach each night.

-Your team fee covers wristbands for all your players that gets you unlimited access to all 3 of Morey’s Pier sections of the boardwalk (2 amusement parks and a water park.) for the two days.


ALL TEAMS: $780 per team (Includes all tournament fees and gets you 10 wristbands for the parks)

Barbeque Dinner (OPTIONAL): $9 for a cattered dinner

Tshirts (OPTIONAL): Pre Order: $15   At Tourney: $20

Honestly, I dont know why I’m still typing this. It sells itself and sounds like a sick way to spend some time with the bros. Keep an eye out for me, I’ll be walking around the different games and selling some Lax All Stars merchandise. Believe me, we’re going to have some shirts designed for this tourney that will be sick. You’re gonna want to pick one up.  For more information on the tournament, refer to the links below and leave your opinions in the comments section!  Would love to have some LAS readers come play!  Bring a team!

Tournament Website.

Tournamen Facebook page.