Behind The Back Tutorial: Here's Your Help!
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Behind The Back Tutorial: Here’s Your Help!

Behind the Back “BTB”

The Behind The Back pass/shot when executed to perfection is the most beautiful thing to witness. Seeing the likes of John Grant Jr. fling a BTB on a rope to someones ear on the run is not only impressive, but a thing of art. Most of the time the BTB is seen as flashy, but there are plenty of opportunities in the game when it is the smart play to let it fly over the shoulder. Here’s a few hints and tips on how to properly execute a beautiful BTB.

The Set Up

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 6.20.40 PMNow just because your release point is different, your hands do not need to change at all. Keep your hands just like you would if you were making anormal pass, for me, thats hips width apart. The only difference when setting up, is your wind-up. When most of us make a normal pass, we ke
ep our stick by our ear. When performing the BTB you want to drop your stick slightly so it lies between your chest and your hip.

Pro Tip: Since you are dropping your stick slightly, use your body and a quick release in order to prevent any stick checks.

The Snap

During your follow through, all you are doing is bending your elbow. Your outside hand should be Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 6.21.39 PMalmost straight when you drop your stick, from there just bend your elbow like you’re flexing and make sure your shaft hits your shoulder. Your shaft hitting your shoulder, is what gives you that “Snap” and gives the ball more momentum to insure that it is on a rope to your intended target. Using your shoulder will basically turn your body into a human catapult!

Pro Tip: Your opposite shoulder should point just slightly left if you’re a righty, and slightly right if you’re a lefty when aiming.

Hit the wall a few times with a BTB pass and see what feels comfortable to you! Let us know how we can help improve your game by commenting below something that you think is worth learning!

See ya next week!