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Berry college lacrosse georgia lax
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Berry College Produces Halloween Video Gold

Berry college lacrosse georgia lax
Berry College in Georgia...

We’ve seen a good number of Halloween Lacrosse practice videos this year, from Brown to St. Olaf and beyond.  While Berry College in Georgia is only in their second year of existence as a lacrosse program, they definitely have the Halloween practice down to a science already.  The costumes are what make videos like this special, and the guys down at Berry definitely delivered.  We’ve got lots of superheroes (Batman, Captain American, Underpants man), some caveman looking fellows, a scuba diver, a giant red Solo cup, a banana and of course an entire attack like of men in sombreros and ponchos.

[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”2011 Inaugural Halloween Scrimmage”]

The game highlights aren’t too shabby either, especially when you remember that this is a second year program with mostly freshman and sophomores on the roster.  The future looks bright for Berry College Lacrosse!  Want to follow Berry more closely this season?  Check out their blog!