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2022 PLL All-Star Game
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Best Moments from the 2022 PLL All-Star Game

So, maybe Trevor Baptiste is more than a FOGO? Baptiste’s 2022 PLL All-Star Game squad dismantled Connor Farrell and his crew 33-13. A mere 20 goals. The game was a run away from the start. Team Baptiste led 19-5 at halftime, leading Honorary Team Farrell Coach John Grant Jr. to think (probably).

Here are a few highlights from the game. Like the game, the highlights are tilted towards Team Baptiste. There is no question why these guys are considered to be the best in the world.

Range That Would Make Steph Curry Blush  

Looking at all of the stats from the game one stat stood out, 2-point bombs. Team Baptiste had eight 2-point goals from beyond the arc. The two-point arc was moved from 15 yards to 13 yards for the 2022 PLL All-Star Game. Team Baptiste feasted on the extra two yards, with seven different players scoring from deep:

  • Myles Jones (2)
  • Bryan Costabile (1) 
  • Marcus Holman (1) 
  • Danny Logan (1) 
  • Matt Moore (1) 
  • Cade van Raaphorst (1)

Holman’s Hidden Ball Trick

I must have watched this replay 30x since Saturday. Holman is just smooth in his feed to Michael Sowers. My only complaint was Sowers not finishing the play with a goal. An off the mark pass enabled Team Farrell goalie Sean Sconone to regain his positioning and deny Sowers the finish.   

Myles Jones Puts on a Show

Myles Jones is a match-up nightmare when he has the ball in his stick. He is one of the top midfielders in the game and is a triple threat when the ball hits his stick. He can shoot, dodge, and feed. Those talents were on display in the first half and helped Team Baptiste jump out to an early lead. I know Holman got the MVP, but I think Jones deserved strong consideration. Here is my evidence.

Exhibit 1: Feeding Chris Gray for the One More

Jones beats his defender and has a 2-point shot available. He passes the good look for a better one and finds Gray cutting to score the bonus ball. You know Bobby Benson was loving it.

Exhibit 2: 2-Point Bomb on the Move and a Defender on Him

Ryan Terefenko does his best to try to get Jones off track, but Myles shows his athleticism and power in scoring the 2-pointer.

Exhibit 3: Heat-Seeking Missile

Time and room. Jones did not win the fastest shot in the skills competition, but you had to think this one would have been in contention. 

Rambo Wizardry

I love when Matt Rambo is mic’d up. His analysis is good and his chirps are better. I’m not exactly sure what you can call the play below, but it was impressive.

Rob Pannell Has Eyes in the Back of His Head

One highlight for Team Farrell. There weren’t a ton of highlights or things to be happy about for the boys in black. This shot though was impressive, with Pannell being able to catch, shoot, and score with his back to the cage.

Accuracy Competition

Marcus Holman had a pretty good day. He had the nifty behind-the-back pass mentioned earlier, snagged the All-Star MVP, and won the Accuracy Challenge. Pretty, pretty, pretty good.

The Milk Man and Thor

I’m with the boss, Paul Rabil. Farrell gets more props for the outfit than the freestyle shot. That being said, I love his story and how he embraces the game. Thank you for keeping it fun.

Fastest Shot

Jarrod Neumann won the fastest shot for the second time in a row with a crazy 118 mph shot. I have seen a few photos and the bend he gets on the stick is impressive,