Northeast United States - Summer Lacrosse Tournaments
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The Best Summer Lacrosse Tournaments: NORTHEAST

Editor’s noteOver the next few days, we’re shedding light on the best summer lacrosse tournaments in each region of the United States. We’ll break down the details of each tournament and tell you what you need to know. Don’t agree with us? You’re cordially invited to share your two cents in the comments section below!

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Salt Shakerz Invitational

Dates: June 28-29, 2014
Location: Randall’s Island – New York City
Divisions: Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Masters
Atmosphere: This is a men’s and women’s tournament in NYC. There’s plenty of East Coast talent, an unrivaled backdrop for games, and New York City tourism for those traveling in, of course! What more could you want?
Cost: $700 – $1200 depending on division

Things You Should Know: There is going to be a masters division this year, which is perfect for Connor Wilson. He’s old! Since its inception a couple years back, the Salt Shakerz Invitational has turned into a great way to kick off the Summer tourney scene. If you’re from the area, it presents a good opportunity to see people you haven’t seen in a while. The competition level is good, and getting better, but a random team loaded up with NCAA D1 guys will still have a solid shot at winning it all. There are always some veteran teams though, so watch out for them too!

Our Two Cents: You can see the NYC skyline behind you, across the river. You play under a bridge for some games, and it’s awesome. The weather in late June is always beautiful, and game photos always turn out superb. Lacrosse + NYC doesn’t always seem to make sense, but for the Salt Shakerz Invy, it works. It really works.

To register for the Salt Shakerz Invitational lacrosse tournament, visit

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Saratoga Springs Lacrosse Shootout

Dates: July 4-6, 2014
Location: Gavin Park – Saratoga Springs, NY
Divisions: Boys 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, HS A, HS B
Atmosphere: Fun for the whole family, from 10 year olds just starting out to elite high school players to their dad’s trying to keep pace in 3-on-3 games, the Saratoga Springs Shootout brings many of the greatest aspects of our sport all together in one place. The weekend three day event includes mini-games, position demonstrations from experienced pros, Powell Hour, and plenty of opportunities to rub elbows with some big names in lacrosse.
Cost: $900-1400, depending on age bracket

Things You Should Know: Created by lacrosse families for lacrosse families! While it’s only year two for the Shootout in Saratoga Springs, it has many years of experience behind it. Ryan Powell and Kevin Leveille (of Lake Placid and MLL fame) run the tourney together, and both families are heavily involved. It’s an event that means a lot to them, and it’s sure to get better and better every year.

Our Two Cents: This tournament has a really high upward trajectory, and given the location, it makes for a quality experience for the entire family.

To register for the Saratoga Springs lacrosse tournament, visit

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Cape Ann Classic Lacrosse Tournament

Dates: July 12-13, 2014
Location: Raymond Fields – Ipswich, MA
Divisions: Women’s Open, Men’s Open
Atmosphere: The Cape Ann Lacrosse Tournament benefits MetroLacrosse, a highly respected non-profit organization doing great things to grow the game amongst Boston’s urban youth. The games are played on the polo fields on the family farm/compound of Jed Raymond, a Middlebury lacrosse legend.) It’s an awesome setting, it’s in a beautiful part of Massachusetts, and it all benefits an excellent cause.
Cost: $1200

Things You Should Know: This might be the most Massachusetts-y/New England-y lacrosse tournament of all-time. Do not wear a Yankees hat… people will slash you harder. Excuse me – I meant hahdah. MUCH HAHDAH. All Boston jokes aside, this tourney draws high quality people and high quality lacrosse players. There is a full playoff bracket on Sunday, and the grass fields are nothing short of pristine. If you’re in Mass, or local New England, be sure to hit this one up. It’s wonderful and all for a great cause!

Our Two Cents: What more can we say, we love charity tournaments! Also, going on to someone’s private polo fields is always cool. Did you know Jed Raymond played polo in Argentina AND played in the MLL? He’s like the Bo Jackson of those two sports.

To register for the Cape Ann Classic lacrosse tournament, visit

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War At The Shore

Dates: July 26-27, 2014
Location: Drum Point Soccer Complex, Brick, New Jersey
Divisions: Men’s A, Men’s B, Masters
Atmosphere: It’s a big tourney vibe at the Jersey Shore! Over 85 teams show up for games in two divisions, and the play on the field is fast and furious. Not surprisingly, so is the night life. This year there is also a 35+ master’s division.
Cost: $1500 team fee

Things You Should Know: It’s New Jersey, but people come from all over the Northeast for this one, and it’s a real melting pot of talent. At the higher levels, it’s often D1 and MLL dropout city, but you’ll find players from all levels in the Jerz on the last weekend in July.

Our Two Cents: It’s big, it’s bad, it’s HOT! Thankfully, you’re near the Jersey Shore, and the Ocean is usually pretty cold. If you want to compete, put together a SERIOUS team. If you want to have fun, just sign up and bring a good group of guys.

To register for the War at the Shore lacrosse tournament, visit

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Glastonbury Lacrosse Tournament

Dates: Sometime in late July (tourney site not yet updated)
Location: Glastonbury High School – Glastonbury, CT
Divisions: Women’s Open, Men’s A & B
Atmosphere: Lots of games, New England lacrosse heavy rosters, three divisions, and plenty of chirping. It’s competitive and makes for LONG days out in the sun!
Cost: $600 women’s, $850 men’s

Things You Should Know: You play four games on Saturday. Everyone does. Then, on Sunday, if you want to win a title, you play three more games, with one of them likely starting at 10:00am or earlier. It’s a weekend full of a lot of lacrosse and also a lot of fun. If you’re looking to play A LOT, this is going to be a great tourney for you! Connor once played on two teams (in different divisions) and played 12 games of lacrosse in two days. Whoa.

Our Two Cents: This tournament is massive, and you end up playing a lot of lacrosse. It’s fun, but draining, and spots under trees and tents are of high value. Bring sunscreen. Bring drinks. Lots of drinks. Then go home and pass out for 10 hours, and do it all again the next day! #LaxAllSummer

To register for the Glastonbury lacrosse tournament, visit (Editor’s note: This website currently appears to be in transition… Please check back for more information).

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Lake Placid Summit Lacrosse Classic

Dates: August 4-10, 2014
Location: Lake Placid, NY
Divisions: Boys & Girls U15 through ULTRA Grand Masters
Atmosphere: This year marks the 25th annual Lake Placid Summit Lacrosse Classic. With divisions for high school, two elite divisions, and more masters divisions than you can count, there’s opportunity for everyone in the family to get a game in if you plan right. Women, men, kids, old people… Placid has it all, and it’s all awesome. The talent on display year after year is incredible. It’s a bucket list tourney for sure.
Cost: $1350-1800, depending age, gender, and division

Things You Should Know: If you’re going to do one tournament, consider Placid, but make sure you are in shape and ready to roll. The tourney is filled with upstate toughness, gritty play, and a lot of skill. If you want to do well, you’ve got to be prepared. The nightlife is always fun, and there’s plenty to do in and around Lake Placid.

Our Two Cents: As the tourney has grown, more fields have been added, which does spread things out a bit, but that’s literally the only knock we can think of! Go to this. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

To register for the Lake Placid Summit Lacrosse Classic, visit

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CityLax Southampton Shootout

Dates: August 23rd, 2014
Location: Southampton High School – Southampton, NY
Divisions: Men’s Open, Women’s Open
Atmosphere: The CityLax Southampton Shootout is a one day charity event, and each team plays at least three games. In some years, two 3-0 teams will play a 4th game for the “championship.” In other years, the two teams just shake hands and head to the beach for the tournament after party. Unlike almost all other lacrosse tournaments, the CityLax Shootout is about playing lacrosse and supporting the urban lacrosse initiatives of CityLax much more than it is about winning.
Cost: $800

Things You Should Know: While the tourney isn’t all about the hardware, there are always some heated games. More and more alumni squads have been entering the fray. Last year, Tufts and Wesleyan played an alumni game at the tourney, and there have been numerous Ivy, NESCAC, ACC, and Johns Hopkins alumni teams that have also taken part in the past. For a one day event, without a true champion, it is a truly great Summer tournament, and great way to end the Summer season.

Our Two Cents: We love this tournament. Connor has gone the last couple of years (he volunteers with CityLax) and always has fun. One of his favorite things about it is he gets to watch current high school juniors and seniors play against the big boys… a couple usually make it out for the tourney, and it’s always neat to get a sneak peak at future NCAA talent.

To register for the CityLax Southampton Shootout lacrosse tournament, visit

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Think there’s a lacrosse tournament missing from this list? Please feel free to share information by commenting below using the same format (i.e. Dates, Location, Atmosphere, etc) as above. We look forward to hearing your Two Cents!