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NORTHWEST Summer Lacrosse Tournaments
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The Best Summer Lacrosse Tournaments: NORTHWEST

Editor’s noteOver the next few days, we’re shedding light on the best summer lacrosse tournaments in each region of the United States. We’ll break down the details of each tournament and tell you what you need to know. Don’t agree with us? You’re cordially invited to share your two cents in the comments section below!

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Battle of Bothell

Dates: June 13th-15th, June 20th-22nd
Location: Bothell, Washington
Atmosphere: This is one of the biggest and most competitive youth through high school tournaments in the Northwest. Every team is there to win and nothing else, if you want to see real competition, head toward Seattle. The fields are scattered throughout a businesses complex, with lots of trees in the surrounding area. The playing surfaces are well taken care of and they make for a good setting once the lights are turned on for the night games.
Cost: $500-$695 (Team, depending on division)

Things You Should Know: The 5th/6th and 7th/8th grade tournament is on June 20th-22nd. The 3rd/4th grade and high school teams play on June 20th-22nd. The fields can be a little tricky to figure out at first since they are not numbered in any particular order. There is plenty of parking space around the field area in the business complex lot. Pack your rain gear because it is definitely going to get wet while you’re there! There are mini games to begin the tournament that count towards your ranking in the playoff brackets. Winning or losing these matches can make your break your tournament. There aren’t very many good places to warm up, but the baseball diamonds are probably your best bet if you get it to it first!

Our Two Cents: This is a great tournament to go to for high-level competition. If your team thinks they are the best in the west, this is definitely a tournament where you’ll be tested once the bracket play begins. The winners of each division receive a bid to compete in the National Championship in Wesley Chapel, Florida. So bring your A game and definitely take part in this tournament!

To register for the Battle of Bothell, visit

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Denver Shootout 

Dates: June 13th-15th
Location: Denver, Colorado
Divisions: Boys U9, 10, 11, 12, 13 +2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and HS Open; Girls U11, 13, 15 and HS Open
Atmosphere: A great kickoff to summer in Colorado, complete with Denver city skyline and Rocky Mountain views. This is a highly competitive tournament played across 22 fields, and it features many of the top club programs from across the country. This year’s tournament included teams from 19 states and two provinces. The Vendor Village, players’ lounge, and opening day skills clinic create the a nice environment and experience for players of all ages.
Cost: $250 per male high school player; $100 per male youth player; $90 per female player

Things You Should Know: Hosted at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, there’s a great vendor village with food, activities, and services available on-site. Each year, the Denver Shootout is said to attract nearly 100 college lacrosse coaches to the area. There’s a skills clinic to kick off the tournament, run by college coaches, it’s marketed as one of the best opportunities for players to showcase their talent in front of the country’s leading programs. For the dads out there, it’s not a bad way to enjoy your Father’s Day weekend!

Our Two Cents: Two unique features of the Denver Shootout that we really like: 1) MVP balls are handed out by the opposing team after each game, and 2) every division champion gets $500 donated in their name to the charity of their choice.

To register for the Denver Shootout, visit

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Bigfoot Summer Bender

Dates: Typically in June, postponed in 2014 until Fall.
Location: Bend, Oregon
Divisions: Men’s & Women’s Open (18+)
Atmosphere: Located in Bend, Oregon, AKA Dog Town USA, the Bigfoot Summer Bender is held at the same time as Bend’s largest food festival – the Bite of Bend. Along with being in the lively City of Bend, the 18 and over vibe suits many young vacationers right.
Cost: $975 per team

Things You Should Know: The talent on the field varies from current MCLA players to the elder Statesmen of Pacific Northwest lacrosse fame. Players at the Bender play fast and loose all weekend long, so come with an open mind. Just know, when that championship game comes around everything suddenly becomes a lot more serious.

Our Two Cents: The Bender features mostly local teams from the Pacific Northwest and Northern California. What happens off the field is unique in its own right. All the teams seem to find each other out on the town after the games are over for a 21+ good time.

To register for the Bigfoot Summer Bender, visit

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Tyler Lucas Invitational

Dates: June 28, 2014
Location: Lynnwood High School, Martha Lake, Washington
Atmosphere: The event is a celebration of Tyler Lucas’ life so all lacrosse is played in great spirits as it should be. Players of all ages will be competing in honor of a young man who lost his life too soon.
Cost: $40 (Player)
Divisions: Grades 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, HS and Adult

Things You Should Know: This is an outdoor, short field box lacrosse tournament. If you’re looking to drop gloves or see highly competitive box, don’t come here. Please do make your way to Washington to have an incredible day playing lacrosse and having fun. Cradlebaby is the main event sponsor and it is very well run.

Our Two Cents: If you’re looking for a fun day of lacrosse, this is a good tournament to attend that is definitely on the cheaper side of things. This looks like a great event for anyone who is within a few hours drive and it’s in honor of a worthy cause..

To register for the Tyler Lucas Invitational lacrosse tournament, visit

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Vail Lacrosse Shootout

Dates: June 29 – July 6
Location: Vail, Colorado
Divisions: Boy’s & Girl’s U19; Men’s & Women’s Open
Atmosphere: What’s not to love about playing lacrosse with the beauty of Vail as your backdrop? Folks come from far and wide to compete in what is historically the most popular summer lacrosse tournament West of the Mississippi. No matter the division, newcomers best expect to run into serious talent and hard-nosed competition. This is hands-down one of the best atmospheres you can find for summer lacrosse.
Cost: $2,500 (Team)

Things You Should Know: You’re bound to experience the highest level of competition in summer lacrosse when you travel to Vail in July. The Men’s Elite divisions have strict rules about the number of professional and NCAA DI players you can have on your team. This summer, in its 42nd year, the tournament’s dates and schedule were tempered down so as to not interfere with the FIL World Championships in Denver during the same month. Multiple International teams will be using the Shootout as a warm up. In 2015, the tournament schedule will be back to normal, and you can expect it to be in high demand. Our advice to you is to inquire for your team well in advance!

Our Two Cents: When it comes to the men’s elite division, the Vail Shootout always brings the highest level of lacrosse possible to the Rocky Mountains. One travels to the Vail Shootout not only to win, but to take part in a rich tradition and enjoy time with lacrosse family and friends.

To register for the Vail Lacrosse Shootout, visit

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World Lacrosse Championships

Dates: July 10-19, 2014
Location: Denver, Colorado
Divisions:U11, U13, U15, U17, Elite/Open, 30+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+ (All Men’s)
Atmosphere: This is going to be the pinnacle of all lacrosse events. The World Lacrosse Championships only happen every four years and it’s been since 1998 that the event was on US soil. Denver 2014 will be the largest celebration of lacrosse to date, featuring teams from over 10 age brackets and over 35 countries!
Cost: $1,950 (team), $500 (60-and-over team)

Things You Should Know: Although registration deadlines are already over and most of the divisions are completely full, tickets are still available to be a part of such a historic event through US Lacrosse!

Our Two Cents: Even if you can’t participate in the tournament, it’s a must attend for any and all lacrosse fans from around the world! This is the highest level of lacrosse possible to watch with teams like USA, Canada, and the Iroquois — Paul Rabil, John Grant Jr., and the Thompson trio.

To buy tickets for the World Lacrosse Championships, visit

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Oregon Lacrosse Classic

Dates: July 25-27
Location: Bend, Oregon
Divisions: Boys U-11, U-13, U-15, High School, High School Elite
Atmosphere: If it’s anything like the first ever Saratoga Springs Shootout was in Update, NY last Summer, then you can expect an unparalleled lacrosse experience for the entire family in one of the most beautiful towns in the Pacific Northwest.
Cost: U-11,U-13, & U-15 – $1250 per team; HS & HS Elite – $1400 per team

Things You Should Know: While a first-year event, the Oregon Lacrosse Classic is run by Rhino Lacrosse & Lake Placid Lacrosse, two companies well known for putting on exceptional lacrosse events. Ryan Powell, owner of Rhino, has spent years helping set a solid foundation for lacrosse in the State of Oregon. The first 1st annual event has been designed for the entire family to celebrate the “beautiful game in a beautiful place.”

Our Two Cents: We work closely with Rhino, and we love what they do. As a young lacrosse player, if you get the chance to rub shoulders with the Powells, take it. You’re game will never be the same.

To register for the Oregon Lacrosse Classic, visit

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Brawl in McCall 

Dates: August 9th-10th
Location: McCall, Idaho
Divisions: Men’s Open (18+)
Atmosphere: Approximately 2 hours North of Boise, Idaho, the little town of McCall is a frequent summer vacation spot for those living in the State. This lakeside tournament has a very laid back vibe, and some team’s have been known to have their own dedicated cooler on the sideline. One can expect to see teams from Idaho, Montana, and Washington mixed with college players and elder statesmen.
Cost: Pending

Things You Should Know: If you’re passionate about the game and you’re looking for an enjoyable time, the variety of talent on the field at the Brawl in McCall make it an interesting one to watch and/or experience. McCall is a small town situated on the beautiful Payette Lake, and the outdoor recreational opportunities nearby are limitless. Plus, rental of condos or cabins for the team is very affordable if you plan ahead. Historically speaking, Sunday’s games can get a bit chippy due to the fact the tournament has had the same participants and same champions year-after-year.

Our Two Cents: Because our company is located in Boise, we try to have a presence at the Brawl every year. It’s always fun to put a rag-tag group of lacrosse players together and see what happens on the field. If you’re interested, you know where to find us!

To register for the Brawl in McCall, contact Lacrosse Idaho.

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Quickstick Lacrosse Tournament

Dates: August 23rd-24th
Location: Breckenridge, Colorado
Divisions:: Men’s Open (18+)
Atmosphere: Now entering its 16th year, the Quickstick Lacrosse Tournament will have a more competitive feel to it this year. This tournament is for teams who practice on a regular basis and are there to win. Gotta love a little competitive lacrosse in the beautiful Breckenridge!
Cost: $565 per team

Things You Should Know: The playing fields are new and seem like an ideal spot for a summer lacrosse tournament. Registration is due by July 31st, but there is a late registration option of $630 per team with last call on August 17th. The event is run by the City of Breckenridge, so it’s always well organized and worthwhile.

Our Two Cents: Being around for 16 years says something in itself! Plus, no matter the time of year, Breckenridge, Colorado, is always a fun destination to seek out.

To register for the Quickstick Lacrosse Tournament, visit

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Think there’s a lacrosse tournament missing from this list? Please feel free to share information by commenting below using the same format (i.e. Dates, Location, Atmosphere, etc) as above. We look forward to hearing your Two Cents!