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Bid On A Jersey, Support International Box Lacrosse Programs

The 2012 Bowhunter Cup featured yet another close and emotional game of box lacrosse between the USA and the Iroquois. The Iroquois emerged with a hard-fought 2 goal advantage in the end, and both teams did well (albeit differently) to begin their preparations for the 2015 World Indoor Lacrosse Championships.


A part of that prep work is fundraising, and now that the game is over, both programs are looking to generate some cash for future work. Legacy Apparel had its coming out party at the game, and provided both teams with uniforms. Now those uniforms are being auctioned off, and the proceeds for each team’s jersey auction will go back to support the programs respectively.

We got to hear from Tony Ventiquattro, of Legacy Apparel, as to how the USA jerseys were designed, and we have to say, these guys did a great job for both nations:

We worked closely with the USA, and they wanted something simple, yet that stood out, so we came up with three or four concepts with our design team for them to choose from, which were all different concepts. Then, from the design they liked the most, we collaborated to tweak the concept to give them exactly what they were looking for from the design portion.

That’s super service!

To check out the auctions for yourself, look no further than Ebay under the Bowhunter Cup heading.

Photos Credit: Larry Palumbo