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Big East Lacrosse: Conference Uniform Rankings

This week, we cover the best and worst uniforms coming out of the Big East Lacrosse conference.  Let’s take a look where these schools stack up amongst each other. 

Big East Lacrosse Conference Uniform Rankings

6. St. Johns

Up to this point in the season, St. Johns men’s lacrosse has definitely seen better days, and so have their uniforms. St. Johns comes in at the bottom of the list for me due to the absolute drop off from the uniforms seen in years prior.

For starters, both the white and red jersey set ups are so plain it is actually upsetting. They recently left their Under Armour threads behind which featured multiple design elements like sleeve stripes and accents down the sides of the entire uniform, they now have the most basic and bland Nike uniforms possible. 

These uniforms look as if someone bought a set of white and red uniforms from Nike, and popped some St Johns logos on them. For a school that once had some very nice uniform set ups, these threads just miss the mark. 

big east lacrosse
5. Providence 

Providence comes in just a hair over St Johns spot in the Big East Lacrosse uniform rankings. The reason they come in so low is for a similar reason to St Johns, the uniforms fail to bring any sort of “pop” to them. 

Providence is not only a Nike school, but they have the EASIEST colors to work with; black and white. There is a lot of opportunity with such a simple colorway to produce some really cool set ups or details, but these uniforms miss on both. 

I would have loved to have seen some stitched/embroidered lettering or numbers, possibly even some touches of metallic silver to give the white and black that “pop”.  But unfortunately, the jerseys are just plain white with the basic black numbers and lettering.  

On the upside, the jersey and shorts do feature an accent stripe down the side, but still, its just a basic solid black stripe.  It’s something, but not much. 

big east lacrosse
4. Villanova

When it comes to the Big East, Villanova’s lacrosse jerseys come in strong. Nothing flashy, but still stylish and consistently clean. 

For Nova, I love the use of different blues throughout the entire jersey. We see alternating blue stripes on the sleeves and we see blue outlining the jersey numbers on the home, away, and alternate threads.  It creates a classic look that will always be respected in the lacrosse community. 

The reason these uniforms come in at the No.4 spot is because while they are clean and classic, nothing about them is really special or overly exciting. It is something that is reliable and nice, but nothing that will make you look twice. 

big east lacrosse
3. Georgetown

Georgetown has made a lot of noise in college lacrosse this year and they have the jerseys to match. The Georgetown uniforms have a lot of upscale touches along with some interesting combinations that land them at No.3 on the list. 

The home and away jerseys both feature a strong stitched and embroidered “Georgetown” and numbers across the front. While the home whites are a clean and classic look, the real favorite is the blue and gray away game setup. The blue away jerseys feature gray numbers embroidered by white stitching that pairs great with the gray shorts. One of the few programs who opts for the two-tone colorway on away games.  

Even more interesting, the Hoyas opted for a bold style choice, in using the iconic bulldog logo as the center chest piece for the alternate jerseys they wore against conference opponent Providence.  Typically with the alternate jerseys, most teams opt to change the word across the chest – Instead of having the jerseys say “Georgetown” they could have said “Hoyas”.  But instead, Georgetown took a completely different route and put their logo on the top of the chest almost resembling a pendant.  

I cannot say for sure that I love the look, but it is definitely an uncommon choice that sets them apart from the rest. 

big east lacrosse
2. Denver

Denver lands at this spot because not only do they have a ton of options, but they reached a high level of creativity with an uncommon brand in New Balance with the crimson and gold colorway. 

As we all know, New Balance has not always been one of the top apparel names in the sport of lacrosse but they have slowly climbed their way up. When taking a look at the design elements of the jerseys, all the must haves are there for the Pios. The jerseys have multicolored sleeve stripes, large stitched and embroidered numbers, and a strong “Denver” across the front. But what sets these jerseys apart are the smaller details in the creativity.   

For starters, the collars of the jerseys are also multicolored but they also feature the wording “Pioneers” in bold letters visible along the sides of the collar. Also, the subtle arch in the way the word “Denver” is written across the front is an equally impressive detail seen in the jerseys. Additionally, the Pios uniforms always work in three to four different colors in their jerseys, which is not easy considering their school colors of crimson and gold.

However, the best design feature on the jerseys is displayed in the alternate threads the Pios have worn.  These jerseys feature a mountain like backdrop throughout the top of the jersey and the bottom of the shorts that is extremely unique. Considering the fact that the school is located significantly farther away from most schools playing Division 1 lacrosse, the mountainous display really does emphasize the sort of “island” that they are on in the midwest. 

big east lacrosse
1. Marquette

Marquette claims the top spot in the Big East because they have stayed true to the sleeveless lacrosse jerseys and continue to exploit all the color options available. Period.

For starters, the school boasts three strong sets of uniforms in white, blue, and yellow that they have been known to alternate to create some nice combinations and a multitude of helmets. Additionally, Marquette pairs these sleeveless jerseys with shooting shirts that also have the number on the side to really round out the look and give a lightweight look to the uniforms. 

As always, these Marquette uniforms check all the same necessary boxes on the uniform check list, but they also feature subtle design touches like the thicker stripe that goes down the sides of all of their uniforms as well. Luckily for Marquette, they have the luxury of also having great colors that allow for so many easy and fun combinations. 

big east lacrosse