Bill O'Brien vs Stephen Keogh Lacrosse fight New England Black Wolves vs Rochester Knioghthawks Photo Credit Khoi Ton
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Bill O’Brien Lays the Smackdown on Stephen Keogh

This weekend in the NLL, things got a little heated between the massive rookie Bill O’Brien and 3-time NLL champion, Stephen Keogh.

Keogh is taking the ball to the house and you can’t quite tell if he made goalie contact or not, but he wasn’t happy with the 6’4″, 245 pound O’Brien (one of the biggest guys in the league) on his back and quickly ripped his aggressor’s helmet off, probably before he realized who it was.

Keogh was to his feet quickly and not ready to walk away from the scrap, the problem was, he turned his back to O’Brien, causing him to charge Keogh and to rip his bucket off before delivering some devastating upper cuts. Keogh had no chance to even swing a fist during the beat down, but in the world of the National Lacrosse League, nothing was dirty or out of the ordinary here. Just an enforcer doing his job and a much smaller man as today’s honest work.

The Knighthawks went on to win this game over New England 15-10. Keogh finished with 1 goal and 2 assists, all coming after the 1st quarter fisticuffs.

The very next day, Bill showed his soft side with a little keep away. This is the true spirit of the NLL.

The New England Black Wolves return Friday night at Toronto and again Sunday at home versus Colorado. The Rochester Knighthawks host Buffalo for one game on Saturday night.

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