Blindfolded man
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ANSWERED: Blind Item: ANOTHER D1 Team Switching Gear Companies

Blindfolded man
You guys can DEFINITELY get this one right!

UPDATE: we told you about this gear switch a LONG time ago and let you guess because that’s more fun, and now the truth has emerged and the rest of the world has caught up.  The University of Vermont has switched it up to STX from Maverik.  They also have two new helmets… at least neither is white!  See their gear on InsideLacrosse.

It’s time for another super fun Blind Item!  We give you a couple of hints regarding some new industry insider information, and you try to correctly guess what we’re talking about:

Another NCAA D1 Men’s Lacrosse team is switching gear companies soon!  Our last Blind Item has left most people stumped and headed in the wrong direction (it’s not UVA or Maryland), so we’ll give a little more info this time around!  The University in question is one of the first five established colleges in New England, but this isn’t an Ivy League school!  They’re switching gear companies and making the move from a newer brand to a manufacturer with a slightly longer history.  No reason has been given for the switch.

If you can’t get this Blind Item right, we don’t have much hope for you!  It’s ALL in the italics.  Do some research and impress us with your google skills!