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Penn and Teller knife throw blind item
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Blind Item: New Lacrosse Padding & Glove Manufacturer

Thought we ran out of Blind Item material?  NOT. EVEN. CLOSE!  We’ve got yet another lacrosse manufacturing related Blind Item for ya, so go on – get researching and get cracking! Hey, by the way, no one has correctly answered the Blind Item from earlier this week yet!

Alright, here we go… You know the drill:

The lacrosse pad and glove game is about to get a little more spicy.  You KNOW this company already.  Chances are you may have even worn their stuff before.  Actually, there’s a REALLY good chance of that.  But now they’re going to get into LAX pads, gloves and more!  So who is it?  That’s up to you!  All we can tell you is that the gear should definitely satisfy a professional athlete’s needs!

So who is it?  Have any ideas?  Hit us up in the comments and see if anyone else is buying what you’re selling!  Blind Item time!

Penn and Teller knife throw blind item
Uh-oh, or haha?

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