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Blind Item Answered: Unofficially, Of Course

We sent out the below Blind Item back in early September, and now that it’s mid-October, it looks like it has officially been answered unofficially. It’s an official answer because why else would these Buffalo Bandits gloves have been made (the page has since been taken down)? It’s an unofficial answer because there is no press release or announcement. Of course we did our digging months ago, and can vouch for the authenticity of these mittens, and the corresponding news, even if it is still 100% unofficial.

Here is the original Blind Item:

A new sponsor is emerging for one of the professional lacrosse leagues… can you guess which league we’re talking about, and which sponsor we’re hinting at? Here is a little “extra” info, to get you guessing:

– The sponsor makes lacrosse equipment, but that’s not all.

– The league just announced a new schedule.

– Members involved with the sponsor are already involved in the league.

That should be MORE than enough for you to figure it out… assuming you know your pro lacrosse leagues that is!

Big shout out to the little (and big) birds who throw these tips our way! You keep us informed, we keep the world entertained and informed. THANK YOU!