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ANSWERED – Blind Item: US Lacrosse Convention – Who Left Their Top Dog At Home?

ANSWERED:  Check the bottom of this post for the answer!!!!

The US Lacrosse Convention was excellent this past weekend.  We actually didn’t expect it to be as good as it was!  But once US Lacrosse opened up the event to fans of the game, the event gained a new life.  However, not everyone was on board with the renewed interest in the event.  If you want the full recap of who WAS there, check out Connor’s One Whirlwind Day At The US Lacrosse Convention, but if you want the scoop on who wasn’t there, read the Blind Item below.

This lacrosse manufacturer has been involved in the game for a while, at least at some level, and they definitely had a presence at the Convention this year.  But they left their top sponsored player at home for some reason, and it wasn’t because he wasn’t able, or didn’t want, to go.  It’s because they literally didn’t ask him to show up.

You sign stars to let them shine.  Can you figure out who left their big gun at home, and who was left on the couch?  You have 48 hours.

blind item

Looks like we only had ONE reader nail it this time… big shout out goes to 2ifbyClax with the guess of the Big Cat!

It’s true.  Grant Catalino wasn’t at the US Lacrosse Convention even though Under Armour was.  I saw a ton of custom gloves from UA and lots of shiny new gear, but not a single mention of Grant Catalino.  Very weird.  I mean if you’re going to buy a star, it’s to let them shine right?  Not to keep them at home on the couch!

When you combine this sponsored player “oversight” with the recent troubles UA has had at Maryland with equipment AND the fact that reaching someone over there who can actually help you out is almost impossible, things do not look that good for Under Armour lacrosse.

I own two pairs of UA sneakers, and you know what?  They’re GREAT!  Now if UA would take the same time and care for their lacrosse business, they might get the same reaction.  They have eye-catching designs and lots of name caché, but that will only help them for so long.  Lacrosse is not a business where you can half ass it, and if UA doesn’t step their game up, I fear they may learn that lesson the hard way.