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2.Tasseled-Sunglasses Blind Item
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Blind Item: Which NFL Player Is Wearing Lacrosse Cleats?

It’s time for another one of our super fun Blind Items!  We give you a couple of hints regarding some new industry insider information, and you try to correctly guess what we’re talking about!  Don’t believe the lacrosse world is growing?  Well, we’ve made our way into the National Football League… so there’s that!

This NFL player hasn’t been wearing Reebok OR Nike cleats.  He hasn’t even been wearing football cleats! This player has been wearing LACROSSE cleats in NFL games, and it actually makes some sense… when you consider he’s from the same state as the manufacturer in question.  The NFL might not consider him an “angel” for doing this, but we’re pretty sure the company is happy he’s getting a good amount of burn!

So can you figure this one out?  It’s all there in the Blind Item, if you’re paying attention and willing to do some research!  We were able to make this connection through internet research, and keen, keen eyes.  Now can you figure it out?

Who is the player?  Which pair of lacrosse cleats is he wearing?  There is no press release or news on this yet… so can you figure it out?

2.Tasseled-Sunglasses Blind Item
Blind Item time, girl!