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BONUS: Weekend Lacrosse Drop

With all the tech improvements we’ve been making, I haven’t really been able to post much.  Needless to say, it’s probably made me an unbearable person to be around.  Apologies to Rachel for that!  Now I’m all sorts of backed up with lacrosse overload and need to purge.  We’ll all feel better after this, I promise.

Growing the Game

Growing the Game.  It’s our theme.  If there’s lacrosse out there, we want to talk about it.

Down in South Texas the game of lacrosse is growing like gangbusters.  Josh Acut, who writes for LAS, is one of the guys spearheading the effort and he recently informed me (and I’m sure some of you reading!) of an upcoming event called GTL.  No, not Gym Tan Lax this time (although that does come up later) but Grow Texas Lacrosse.

There will be an event on December 11th in San Antonio.  So far a couple of MCLA teams and men’s club teams are going.  A high school all-star team or two may participate as well.  LAS is definitely trying to get down there to cover this one.  If you’re interested in going, I say go for it!  Reach out to Josh and see the lacrosse frontier:  South Texas.


Sideline Gear for Coaches

Team LaxPrax, a youth team out of New Jersey got these shirts for the coaching staff.  These dads might be bigger gear heads than their kids!  Is that even possible?  Neon can go oh so wrong but this is working nicely!

The black is slimming.


Skill Building

For anyone (read: everyone) looking to get better and keep their skills sharp, the shooting over the cage drill is great.  It  forces you to shoot high to high and most importantly, it forces you to do so over hand.  A downward motion is simply required to make this shot work.  I like to place two cages next to each other about 10 feet in front of the target goal and have the kids shoot from 8-10 yards out on the run or as a catch and shoot scenario with planted feet.  But the way the D1 guys do it at Mount St. Mary’s works too.
[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Mount St. Mary’s Shoot Over Cage”]

GREAT Division 3 NCAA Highlights

SUNY Potsdam plays in the Div. 3 SUNYAC League, which is made up of many of the State University of New York schools.  Here’s a nice 3 minute highlight tape from 2009-2010 of what they like to call “North Country lacrosse”.  Nice work, fellas!

Think they’ll give Cortland a run for their money in 2011?  When one team in a conference leads the way, others often follow.  Could Potsdam be the Stevenson, Tufts or Haverford of the SUNYAC?  Or will that title remain with Geneseo?  So many D3 questions…
[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Potsdam Lacrosse Highlight Tape”]


Looking Good in Grey

Last week I mentioned how good looking all grey practice shorts and reversibles would look.  I had heard BYU was taking this approach and after I sent them an email, Victoria Harris of delivered the goods. BYU looks just as good as I thought they would.  Maybe better.  It’s just so… what’s the word?  Blue collar.  Without being camo.  Well done Cougars!  And if you’re in the Utah area (Provo specifically.  cue Ocean’s 11 joke…) then get Victoria to shoot your games.  She does great work!

all grey makes me want to sell out on GBs.
The grey uniforms are ALMOST as good as the photo itself.
lunch pail. I sit on steel girders and eat my lunch out of a pail. blue collar.


Lacrosse in Thailand Getting More and More Exposure

A sports show in Thailand covered the Thailand Lacrosse Association‘s first game against Hong Kong.  Nice to get this kind of attention during the earliest stages of development.  The crowd isn’t huge, but it looks like it was raining.  At the same time, whenever anything happens the crowd makes some good noise.  Thailand just loves sports, I guess!  My only real question is this:  Can we please get that girl a bigger microphone?  I mean, really.  At around the 4:40 mark, some dude from Baaaaaahston drops knowledge.  “And I like… violence.”  Great quote, guy!  I wish I could speak Thai but I have no idea what the girl is saying. Sorry.  I’ll work on that.


Quick Video Highlight – BTB at 10 Years Old

19 seconds of innocuous youth ball.  3 seconds of behind the back silk.  Quick hitter. Worth it.
[fvplayer src=”″ splash=”” caption=”Tri-State Lacrosse Gene Coleman behind the back goal”]


Great Stuff via the Mail #1

Guess what else I received in the mail this week?  Yeah, these rad Gym Tan Lax tanks from Florida Lacrosse.  These are the originals, the real GTLs and I couldn’t be happier.  I’ll be a lax bro and a hipster at the same time.  And you said it couldn’t be done!

WHY IS IT WINTER IN NYC ALREADY!?!?! I need a vacation so I can wear these outdoors.


Stuff via the Mail #2

I also got a DVD from Chris Fox (our sole Canadian LAS contributor!) called Rugburn Lacrosse.  It’s a highlight video of the 2009 NLL season and has feature sections as well on players like Casey Powell and Brodie Merrill.  The passing sequences are crisp and impressive and the video clearly shows you how important changing angles is on shots, especially in close.  Good stuff for field and box players alike to know how to do!  I’m a field guy by nature but I’d recommend this to anyone!  Great action and you can buy Rugburn Lacrosse for $24.


The Future of Lacrosse Gear – Materials

Finally, what if sneakers influenced lacrosse gloves?  If they did, I’d definitely buy any of these potential combinations.  Manufacturers have it easy…  just copy the sneaker trends!

Metallic is doable. That's basically chrome. Yeah, I said it.
This grey and green synthetic combo screams lacrosse glove.
Gingham. What did you call me? Gingham.