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Boom Town Classic
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Boom Town Classic Invades Colorado and Oregon in 2015

When we decided to put on the first Boom Town Classic 4 years ago, we saw a gaping hole in the summer lax tourney scene. All of the events had this “Elite” and “Recruitment” vibe that really set a tone for the players, coaches and parents that we here at Boom Town think is just unnecessary for every single summer tournament.

We wanted to throw a tourney focused on FUN but is still COMPETITIVE to get the boys flying around playing the game at a high level… Really, the way we love to play!

We think the best way to encourage that vibe was actually giving them the MLL shot clock and 2 point line… it’s something different. What we’ve seen is the tweak in the rules gives the team a fresh excitement to play, and gets them to play fast and upbeat.

Our “FUN” vibe isn’t about coming out and goofing around with your stick between your legs.It’s about getting lots of reps and playing good old fashion lacrosse without the pressure of recruiters or making the tourney all-star game.

So why Boulder and why West Linn?

Boulder was an obvious choice in Colorado because you look at the month of June and you see 4  similar styled tournaments in a row all at DICKS Sports Park in Commerce City. We thought, “let’s take this to the beautiful Boulder campus and give the parents a break from Commerce City.”

As for West Linn, Mary S Young park has tiered fields that makes for a great venue where everyone can watch each other’s games. Being from Portland, I had to bring the tournament home!

We are offering U11, U13, U15, and High School divisions at our West Linn events in Oregon, June 20-21 and in Boulder, Colorado on June 27 and 28th!

How many games should I expect and is the competition any good?

Expect 4 games with a chance to win your division in the championship. Competition has exceeded our expectations and has really been awesome the last 3 years.

We had 7 Bravehearts last year decide Round Robin games… That’s a lot of tied games! We were worried we’d have some disparity because of the wide mix of rec teams forming to come out, high school teams piecing together, elite teams coming to win, etc. but it’s been awesome and haven’t had any complaints about people getting whooped!

That’s what it’s all about!

If it’s about fun, why add shot clocks and what’s up with the 2 point line?

I’m a big fan of the shot clock. I think it forces players to play more creatively and spontaneously. It helps speed up the tempo and keep the games interesting.

The 2-point lines are 14 yards out, 2 yards shorter than the MLL line. It really hasn’t been abused and has made the games very interesting, especially at the end for teams down 2 or 1… You can win a game with only one shot!

Explain a Braveheart and why you decide tiebreakers with it!

Braveheart: Each team picks a guy to represent your team. Then we make sure your entire team is gloriously positioned on the sideline with their helmets on the top of their sticks, waving them in the air, doing their best battle cries.

You send your champions out to the face-off X to do a full field 1v1 with your goalies protecting the cage. If your goalie makes a save and wants to walk the ball up the field they can, the middie just needs to stay back.

It’s epic. Heroes are made, hearts are broken, and the field is rushed every time.

What do you get if you win?

Boom Town Classic
Pride and a chance to wear the GLORY GOBLET!

My mom says I have to choose between this and another summer camp, what does the Boom Town tourney have that no one else does?

We’re not just saying it’s fun to try in a ploy collect some cash people! It’s a super awesome and engaging summer lacrosse tourney. You should come hit some two-bombs and beat out the shot clocks with your squad!

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Thanks for listenin’ to my spiel about the Boom Town Classic! I hope D-Roy and I can count on seeing you in Boulder or West Linn this summer!

Let me know in the comments if you would ever play in a Boom Town Classic and where you think we should go next!