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Iroquois lacrosse uniforms nike

Bowhunter Cup – Potent Notables

We didn’t get to watch the Bowhunter Cup online because it wasn’t broadcast! But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot we can take away from the game! Box news, gear commentary and much more!
Max Seibald Bowhunter Cup US indoor box lacrosse
Max Seibald is turning into a real leader on the US box team.

The Bowhunter Cup went down last weekend, and while we couldn’t watch the game, it sounds like it was a great event for a couple of reasons.  The first reason it was great is simple; it was a competitive game.  It came down to the wire, and both teams were looking for a W.  In the end, the Iroquois ended up with the win, but as is always the case, the quality of the game was a top priority, and the Bowhunter delivered.  Even 412 heard the event went off well!

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412 also hit on the fact that Joe Walters wore old Jordans on the hard carpet, which is pretty notable.  I’m not sure why, but anytime someone wears Jordans or Jordan cleats, the lax world goes crazy.  It’s fair, they’re sweet.  I love a good pair of old school bball shoes on a box field!

But to me, what was more interesting was the fact that Joe Walters was using Kyle Harisson’s new STX head, the Stallion, in the box game.  The head is designed to be used on face offs as well as general play, so I’m really curious to hear if JW1 thinks the new head can really stand up to the box game.  The Stallion kind of looks like an updated Gait Torque, and I LOVE that head and it’s pretty good for box.  The only problem with the Torque is that it does get soft and overly flexible eventually.  If the Stallion doesn’t get soft after some use, this could the go-to STX head for box players.  So now we’re REALLY interested to hear what Joey Snipes thinks…

joe walters us box lacrosse team indoor lax
That's a good looking head!

But Walters wasn’t the only rocking some fresh gear on the floor!  As you can see in the photo up top, Seibald went loud with some Nike Volt colors on his stick and his shoes.  Others guys, like Chris Schiller (photo), went with their NLL sticks, and a lot of those are either dyed or have colored mesh.  Jovan Miller (photo) also got in on the wacky colored stick train, and you know we love seeing pink on a lax field anywhere!

Another interesting note to make is that Grant Catalino wore Maryland Under Armour gloves in the game (photo).  There have been rumors about the UA gloves falling apart, and that they weren’t as protective as other lacrosse gloves, but Catalino wearing them in a box game, putting on a bit of a show, and not emerging with a broken finger is a good sign.  Then you tack on the fact that Cody Jamieson (Photo) was ALSO wearing UA gloves, and I start to think these new mittens might not actually be half bad!  If you can wear them in box, you can wear them to play field lacrosse.  Good job of marketing by UA… because I really want to try these gloves out now.

Of course, Jamieson is also wearing UA shoes, so maybe Jammer is the next UA lacrosse athlete.  Or maybe he just really likes their products.  Now I’m even more curious.

Almost every single lacrosse company, with the exception of Easton, had someone playing in the game.  There were Warrior, Reebok, Nike, Maverik, STX, Under Armour, Gait, Brine and Cascade products on the field.  Heck, I even saw a guy wearing Adidas gloves!  But Easton couldn’t get one guy to wear their gear?  I know they don’t release their products to stores before 11.11.11, and I know that Queener, Powell and Evans weren’t playing in this event, but they’ve got to find someone to wear their stuff in the box game for an event like this!  I’m sure the guy in Adidas gloves would be willing to trade for a new pair of Easton mittens.

On the playing side of things, I was most excited to finally see Greg Rogowski get a real chance to play for Team USA.  Rogowski tore it up for Merrimack in NCAA D2 lacrosse, and since then he has truly dedicated himself to becoming a great box lacrosse player.  He plays for the Vermont Voyageurs, and I still find it shocking that he hasn’t found a place in the NLL.  The kid can flat out play, but he has to contend with being a D2 player, and with being an American, so the chances he gets are limited.  I understand that you can’t take out Casey Powell for Rogowski, but as Powell ages, Rogo could step right in to that role for Team USA, and I’m just glad to see he finally got a look.  Joe Walters went 3 and 6 and just tore it up all night long.  9 points?  Even with hockey assists, is Snipes serious?  Catalino also did well as he went 4 and 1, but Rogo went 3 and 1 for 4 points as the US’s third leading scorer.  His future is bright.

We also saw John Galloway play box lacrosse for the first time, and just like I feared, they had him play in the field.  I still think his future should be in between the pipes, but what do I know?  Nothing, evidently.

The last Potent Notable is the Iroquois Nationals’ uniforms.  Let’s just get this out of the way now.  It doesn’t matter if they wear white or black.  The Iroquois have the best uniforms in all of sport.  Hands down winners.

Iroquois lacrosse uniforms nike
Best uniforms ever. Done by Nike? No way!
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