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Sponsorship is a huge issue for many international teams. So how is England Box Lacrosse going about it? What can your team do to pick up your game?

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The Regional Box Lacrosse League is back for round two in Colorado and we are talking the draft and a major expansion!
As we last left off in Part 1, Team England box lacrosse program had just finished 5th at the 2011 world championships in Prague, Czech Republic.
my name is Michael Gillan - I'm an English dual citizen (the other being Canadian), and a member of England’s national box lacrosse team since 2011.
Just try to stop Brian from globetrotting for his love of lacrosse. This time it was Vegas for the 2017 Sin City Box Classic. Prepare for a doozy.
There's 19 goalies in the NLL that have seen time in 2017 and we're breaking down the gear the protect themselves with!

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