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Ryan Boyle computer screen
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Through Boyle’s Eyes: Scouting

Editor’s Note: Trilogy directors and coaches will be dropping tons of knowledge on you from week to week. This week, Ryan Boyle is running you through scouting an opponent. Make sure you check out our Training Archive as well, brought to you by Trilogy!

Ryan Boyle is one of the smartest players to ever step foot on a lacrosse field. However, Ryan wasn’t just born with lacrosse IQ, it took hard work and dedication.

Watching game film has been a constant practice throughout his career, and in part one of this two-part YouTube series, Ryan explains how to scout an opponent.

Scouting an opponent before you play them in an actual game allows you as a player to know individual tendencies of your opponents, as well as overall patterns and habits of the opposing team’s defense. Effectively scouting an opponent allows you to play faster, and think less.

Take a seat, sit back, and take a trip inside the mind of the all-time MLL points leader. Don’t blink.

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