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boys latin vs the hill academy
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Boys Latin Vs The Hill Academy: Photos, Video

Do you want to see Boys Latin Vs The Hill Academy photos and video? OF COURSE YOU DO! So do I! And we have it… oh, do we have it!

When a prep school from Canada plays a prep school from the US in lacrosse, and both of those prep schools are high school lacrosse powerhouse programs, AND both coaches are MLL studs, it makes for an entertaining game. Not all high school lacrosse is this good, but some of it is, and we have photos (from Craig Chase) and video (from HuntVA on YouTube) to prove it.

Enjoy the majesty of this excellent high school lacrosse…


Boys Latin Vs The Hill Academy Photos

All photo credits to the one and only Craig Chase!

The March 14th game was exciting, as you can see, and the Hill Academy came away with a 14-8 win on the day. The Hill Academy played Mount St. Joseph on March 12th, and also won that game, by a 13-8 scoreline. On March 16th, Hill plays St. Paul’s, and on the 17th they play Calvert Hall for their fourth MIAA A game in six days. So far they’re 2-0, and CH might be the biggest test yet. It’s a whirlwind tour for the Canadian program, but clearly they are up to the task!