Bradley Voigt
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Bradley ‘Bubba’ Voigt Pregame Rituals

Bradley Voigt, also known as “Bubba” was a household name for the Syracuse Men’s lacrosse team this past spring. In Bradley’s senior campaign, he racked up 35 goals and nine assists. The MLL rookie is now making waves after being picked up by the Dallas Rattlers midseason. In seven games, he’s racked up 15 points (12 goals, three assists).

Here was his first goal (are you kiddin’ me?!?):

We wanted to figure out just how Voigt gets pumped for a game, and of course, find out how the nickname “Bubba” came about. Learn more about the MLL rookie sensation below:

All About Voigt:

Why The Nickname Bubba:

All of my siblings are skinny and I was the only chubby one growing up, so I was called chubba bubba and then just bubba from that.

Makes sense to us!

Bradley’s Pregame Playlist:

Pregame Meal:

Peanut butter and jelly, starbursts (editor’s note: we fully support this) and water


My stick always has to be with me. New tape job the night before games.

A little background on Bubba:

Voigt, the third of five children, fell in love with lacrosse through his maternal cousins, the Queeners, and fell for Syracuse watching it win five national championships in the 2000s.

“That’s been my only dream my whole life,” Voigt said recently. “To come here and play lacrosse.”

Combining both seemed an unlikely fate for Voigt. Borderline grades and low SAT scores forced him to spend a year at a college preparatory boarding school in Connecticut before he could attend SU. But through it all, Voigt stayed committed to his dream. Even when he thought he was too homesick to finish his year at boarding school, he didn’t fold. He didn’t think to transfer from SU during his sophomore and junior years after stagnating as the fourth attack while Stephen Rehfuss and Brendan Bomberry, both transfers, locked down spots above him.

But in his senior season and Syracuse in the midst of a national title bid, Voigt’s become the star attack for the lacrosse power he idolized as a little boy. He’s leading the nation’s 15th-best offense and averaging nearly a hat trick in the Orange’s 13 games this season. And with his last chance at SU, Voigt’s accomplished nearly everything he’s set out to do since he was 4 years old.

Andrew Graham (The Daily Orange)

Be sure to check out his highlights and give him a follow:

Syracuse Highlights (All-Hands Team):

The Dallas Rattlers are rolling. You can catch Bubba this Saturday, August 31st at 8:00 pm as the Dallas faces New York.