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Breaking Down 3D New England Vs Sweet Lax

Earlier today, we showed you a ton of really solid summer lacrosse highlights from recruiting events, camps, and tournaments. Here’s another Summer game, featuring 3D New England and Sweet Lax 2017 players, and it was a highly enjoyable game to take in, especially for Elite Summer Club ball.

If you’re looking for more High School Summer Ball, check out today’s Video Explosion!

Both teams looked good in this Summer game. Neither had any players that truly stood out above the rest, but overall, the talent level was pretty high. I thought Sweet Lax had slightly better stick skills, and overall a better lacrosse IQ. 3D played harder however, and made shots count when they got the chance.

Here are some of the video highlights, if you don’t want to watch the whole thing:

– 3D takes the early lead on a great roll dodge from an attackman at the :50 second mark.

– Sweet Lax ties it up at the 1:50 mark on a nice cut through and dodge from up top.

– Great dodging goal from Sweet Lax at the 3:00 mark. It’s REALLY pretty.

– Nice face off win, and then some excellent New England chatter, at the 4:40 mark. “You see what warming up can do?” Classic.

– Exciting little flurry of action almost results in a 3D goal at the 7:45 mark. Almost. By then 8:05 mark, 3D gets another chance, Sweet Lax goalie makes a face save, and 3D cashes in with a garbage goal.

– Awesome back door cut and finish by Sweet Lax at the 11:20 mark.

– Excellent save by Sweet Lax comes from action starting at the 12:55 mark.

– 15:00 to 15:30: goalie’s got moves! Then a turnover, but no harm comes from it.

– Great slow dodge, to a simple face dodge, to a great touch goal at the 17:55 mark from 3D NE.

– 20:30 mark: Dead ball, Sweet Lax picks it up and GOES. Goal for Sweet Lax. Good intro to how it will be in college!

– 22:00 mark: Awesome run of action. Nice GB, pushing transition, and unintentional bounce pass that works out fantastically. At the end, there’s a great save from Sweet Lax. By the 22:50 mark, SL has turned this change in tides into a goal with some excellent ball movement, and a nice finish.

– Nice one man clear action from 3D New England at the 24:00 mark.

– Great dodge, pull it out, look inside feed, and goal from 3D at the 26:15 mark.

– Nice individual effort at the 27:35 mark for 3D.

– 28:55 goalie gets the ball for 3D, drops a sweet face dodge, moves the ball, and then his team turns it over. He gets back to make the save VERY calmly. Nice on field IQ, no panic.

– Power dodge goal for 3D at the 29:20 mark.

– 3D wins. I think. I didn’t keep score, but it sure was fun.