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LAS Exclusive: Warrior TII Helmets

We thought we had the new Warrior TII lacrosse helmet to show off. It turns out we were 95% right. Exclusive LAS ish drops right now!

Earlier today, Inside Lacrosse and Sweetsweetlax (via IL) showed off what most people thought were the final Warrior TII Helmets.  The shell was spot on but the facemask on the final version is actually just a little different.

Check out the two pictures and list the differences in the comments.  The first helmet is the one that was shown off earlier.  The second is the real deal!  The most differences observed gets an e-high five.  Well worth it.  Who are we kidding, you’re here to see the gear!

WE thought this was the final version. Not Quite!!!
This is the actual facemask. See the differences? Yup. Oh, and Sweetsweetlax is on in the background. Sweet!

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