brendan mundorf mll asg
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Brendan Mundorf: The Quiet Lacrosse Super Star

I simply can’t get enough of Brendan Mundorf. The 2012 MLL MVP does it all for Denver, is one of the most dynamic players ever, and he is seemingly only getting better. At UMBC he was a very good player and made the Retrievers a team to reckon with, in 2006 he tore up the World Games with Australia, he’s improved year over year in the MLL, and in 2010 he played a big role for Team USA and won gold.

Since then, Brendan Mundorf has simply kept improving, and when healthy, he can easily be considered the most diverse and dangerous offensive player in the game right now.

Unfortunately for Brendan Mundorf , and his Denver Outlaws, #2 either injured a ligament or tore tendons in his lower left leg (depending on who you ask) on Friday during practice. Mundorf was unable to play in the semifinal, and only played a little over a quarter in the finals, where he still managed to notch an early goal. The fact that he was out on the field at all is nothing short of amazing. Most people could not really walk with a torn tendon or an injured ligament, let alone go out and play. Unreal set on that kid.

Even the pre-game work out looked painful.

And yet, for some reason, we probably won’t hear all that much about it. Mundorf himself is typically pretty silent on issues like this. He’s rarely out complaining, or looking for sympathy, and he’s not making excuses, or speaking in PR talk. He’s just goes about his business, and takes care of the things that need to be taken care of… so that he can get back out on the field, and continue to improve.

brendan mundorf mll asg
Mundorf is a total All-Star, in many regards.

I got the chance to play with Brendan Mundorf in Miami a couple of years ago. He was quiet then, friendly, and played hard. He wasn’t loud off the field, didn’t demand attention and just went with the flow. He was laid back and focused on lacrosse and just being in the moment. Others go crazy in Miami, Brendan Mundorf just kept on keeping on. For someone who is as good at lacrosse as he is, this was refreshing to see.

It’s easy to get caught up in being an awesome lacrosse player. It’s easy to start talking a lot (just look at me, and I’m not even good!) and taking short cuts. But I don’t think we’ll even see that from the kid from western Maryland. In 2013, Brendan Mundorf will be back, and if history teaches us anything, he’ll be better than ever. We wish him the best of luck!