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Brett Hughes Vs Style

One of Brett's recommended brands (Image from
One of Brett’s recommended brands (Image from

Editor’s note: Each week in the “Brett Hughes Vs.”series MLL All-Star Brett Hughes tackles a new topic that he thinks deserves some noise in the lax world. This week: Brett dishes out tips and tricks to keep you lookin’ good.

From the jump off the title for this week’s “Brett Hughes Vs.” sounds odd and frankly as far as fashion goes I think you should pretty much wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

So instead of just telling you what you should buy, I’m going to take a second and share with you clothing tips and brands that I recommend.

First Tip:

Tags do not mean a thing. The tag that you want is the one that you feel good and confident in. Some of the best gear I own is hand-me-down, thrift, or on-sale somewhere, so stop paying attention to the label and just make sure it’s comfortable and looks decent in the mirror (but don’t spend much time in front of that either, hotshot).

Second Tip:

What not to wear: Skinny Jeans.  Fellas, come on! It surprises me because I shouldn’t even have to get into this. Do I also have to tell you that rocking homemade ripped jorts are not sweet either. I mean if you are going to rock ’em, by all means rock ’em proudly but please don’t convince yourself that they look sooooo good because you see someone on T.V. wear them. Outside of that I’m pretty sure things are fair game.  In general I’m not a huge fan of short board shorts or gym shorts, but once again DO YOU!

Some companies I tend to score with and I think you will too:

Brett Hughes Vs. Nike

Just about everything they make is pretty hot. The new lacrosse stuff coming out is pretty sharp, and its Nike so they know what they are doing. And although expensive… the ACG line is pretty damn nice.

Brett Hughes Vs. Oakley

OAKLEYI got a couple pairs of sunglasses from a friend at Oakley and they are hot… I know about 10 years back you thought baseball shades when you heard Oakley, but they are back and you need to check them out. I can’t turn around without seeing them in stores all over.  Also check their prescription section out for some new stuff coming soon. Might as well rock a hot pair of glasses if you have to freaking see! Big thanks to Jeremy for hooking up a couple sick pairs last week.

Brett Hughes Vs. Jedidiah

JEDIDIAH.phpThese guys are one of my big go to spots for board shorts and t shirts… I honestly love what they do, they have amazing artists, and the HOPE collection is amazing. They are in the process of making Lacrosse the Nations shirts which will be sold at a bunch of tournaments around the country. But please check the site out… the people behind it rock and you can tell they love what they do in the clothing. Ask for it at local surf type shops too help spread the word when you get one for your own. I am about to place an order myself. I love the hoodies here too.. a light hoodie is tough to beat form here or RVCA

Brett Hughes Vs. RVCA

This is my other staple.  They make great looking clothing, its not to too expensive and its always so comfortable. They sell it everywhere but make sure you check online because I always find different stuff at different stores.

Brett Hughes Vs. Jeans

warhol_factory_levis_003I’m simple.. anything but skinny stuff… but I like Levi and Mavi a lot, but also have MEK and some others… denim is easy to get caught up in but I just find anything that feels comfortable… paying $400 for some jeans is just dumb.

And for the ladies, I got help from my girlfriend on this one but I also have an opinion… I love a girl in some old worn in jeans (Paige,  Blank… Skinny is fine on gals), and BDG V necks are about as comfortable as any clothing can get. Urban Outfitters has them and Monrow is a brand the GF wears and she tends to know how to dress so take my word for it… and stop by TOPSHOP in NYC or visit the website… mostly girls stuff but you may get your man in to the store cause their TopMan is pretty good most of the time.

I’m always trying to find new companies who are doing it right so hit me up with some suggestions. But plan on seeing me in Jeans, T shirt, and Flops most of the time…

Surprisingly enough I was at fashion week in NYC a little while ago and got stopped by a fashion camera at one of the shows asking me where I got my style and how much they liked it…etc. Now, I never saw the footage air so I hope it wasn’t some worst dressed TV show out to get me.

So if you see an interview with me in a vest and a white shirt with some jeans and black chucks on and someone is making fun of me… hit me up. Also let me know if you want to help me find the interviewer and choke him out.


ESPN_RISEAbout the author: MLL All-Star Brett Hughes is a former UVA All-American who currently plays longpole for the Denver Outlaws.  Hughes also runs the lacrosse division of ESPN RISE and represents Team STX. He is also Co-Founder/Director of Lacrosse The Nations, a non-profit organization using the universal language of sport to bring hope and joy into the heart of impoverished communities.